Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fashion and Beauty Pick of the Week 2

Last week I decided that I would start a "pick of the week" post of my favorite fashion and beauty products.

The topic of the week last week was Fekkai Protein Rx Anti-Breakage Mask which is my top pick for hair care! This week, I would like to share my top pick for skin care (next week, I'll try a fashion pick post). And I must offer a warning - this might surprise you!

My go-to product for skin care is none other than...
Olay Age Defying, Anti-Wrinkle, Replenishing Night Cream.

Ha!  I know, I know...I am only twenty-three. So why is my top skin care pick an "age-defying" product?

Well, my grandmother, a former pageant winner in (get this) 1940, just celebrated her 91st birthday this week. She is one of the most fashionable older women you could ever meet and she still doesn't look anywhere near her age. She was in her late sixties when I was born and I don't remember her having any wrinkles (aside from smile lines and a few fine lines around her eyes) until I was in at least middle school. Her secret? She's been using Olay night cream for at least three decades. Maybe its just good genes...but just in case, you might want to pick some up today.

I wash my face with CereVe cleanser, which my dermatologist recommends, every night. I use an oil free make-up remover (mine is Mary Kay) to make sure all traces of my make-up are gone. Then, I apply a cream to ward off any potential break-outs and finally finish up with the Olay night cream. It is deeply moisturizing without feeling heavy.

This is such a simple (and inexpensive at around $12) beauty tip and it really never is too early to protect your skin for the future. Plus it makes my skin so very soft!  My dermatologist offers this warning each visit (although it is primarily targeted at keeping me out of the tanning salon): we all have firm, beautiful skin in our 20's but its how we treat that beautiful skin during our 20's that determines what we'll look like in our 40's.  


  1. Agree with you Elizabeth. That's wonderful about your grandmother.

    I like your banner for this post or collage, I guess. You will have to e=mail me, and tell me how you made it. I need to learn.

  2. I am all about the moisturizer too. I use Clinique and I cannot go a day without it. I also just started putting on cold pressed castor oil a few times a can get it in the skin care aisle at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's or someplace like that. It is seriously a miracle worker for my skin. Unbelievable. Try it!!

  3. This is such a great idea! I will have to check that product out at the supermarket/drugstore the next time I go shopping :) Thanks for sharing!


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