Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Job Interviewing

I have to say one of the things I dislike most about adulthood is job hunting.  I graduated last spring with my undergrad in elementary education and have been working as a long term sub for several teachers who were out on medical and maternity leaves (currently and for the remainder of the school year - first grade!) while I am pursuing my master's degree.

I am finishing up my master's this summer and will graduate in August...just in time to start work in my own classroom.  However, teaching jobs all across the country are scarce and finding a job has become a (second) full-time job.

The wonderful news is that I have had several interviews.  While I am originally from South Carolina and have spent the majority of my life here, this is not where I have concentrated my job search.  Several months ago, my boyfriend, Corey, was offered his dream job in New Jersey and that is where I am currently job searching.

Last week, I had an interview with a wonderful, private school in the area and they have graciously invited me back for a second interview and to spend a day shadowing a teacher in the grade level(s!) with openings.  So off I go for a whirlwind of a trip to New Jersey - I'll barely be gone 24 hours!  I'll return Wednesday night then back to work and class I'll go here in South Carolina on Thursday.

Wish me luck :)


  1. Good luck!
    I'll graduate next year with my degree, hopefully finding a job will be easier by then!

  2. Good Luck!! The education field is extremely rough. I graduated in December with a Bachelors in Social Studies Education, needless to say I still haven't found a job yet. I keep looking and hoping that something will open up but nothing yet. I also have been doing the sub thing and it isn't easy.

  3. Good luck with the job. My good friend taught at a private school when she lived in NJ, too.

  4. Life is the name of moving forward and there is always room for the movers who love to move and learn new things in a way which can help the the people and I am sure that this site is a first sunshine for those who are still thinking of change.


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