Monday, March 28, 2011

Misc. Monday

Today I am linking up with Carissa to try out Miscellany Monday.  I really enjoyed WILW last week and am excited to find another fun link-up.

The weekends go by entirely too fast.  I have been out of town quite a bit lately so I had to catch up on some of my master's assignments.  Then, all of a sudden, my assignments are finished but the weekend is over!  And I didn't get to do any of the fun things I wanted.  

I am so ready for spring to really set in.  The weather has been so nice lately but it was cold and rainy all weekend.  It monsooned yesterday which means that I was outside battling with Riley (in his yellow puppy raincoat), who was adamantly refusing to go potty because of the rain.

As I was writing number 2, I was wishing I had a picture of Riley in his cute new raincoat.  He is so precious.  Unfortunately, my camera had some type of mysterious mishap in Atlantic City on New Years Eve.  It was working, then I put it in my cute sparkly clutch, and when I took it out the lens was extended and the camera was most definitely not functioning.  The infamous Cannon fatal lens error message was displayed.  I picked out a new Sony in January after much debate, then received an email the day before it was scheduled to ship saying it was back ordered due to "manufacturing constraints"....until mid-April.  It took me three weeks of endless searching before I would commit to choosing a new camera so I'm sticking put and waiting impatiently until it finally arrives.

Because this winter was incredibly cold and harsh, I find myself embracing Spring even more than usual, especially spring clothes and accessories.  I currently have a spring wish list valued at about four times the amount of the measly paycheck I received Friday.  Does anyone else have an extravagant Spring wish list?  What are some of the items on it? 

In class last week, some of the ladies (all the other education grad students are ladies) were debating whether they should walk at graduation.  Many think it is just not as important as undergrad.  My undergrad graduation was long and boring yet I do think it is an honor to complete a master's in fourteen months.  Anyone have an opinion on this?  

(some of my sorority sisters and I at my undergrad graduation)


  1. Omgosh my dog will NOT go potty in the rain either! Your Riley is SO cute, I have wanted a KCS for FOREVER!!

  2. Cute picture! I have the sony cybershot and it's pretty good ... except mines is really old :( So I need to get a new one.

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