Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Today I am linking up with Jamie to try out What I'm Loving Wednesday.

I'm loving that I got to spend some time with my boyfriend last night and this morning.  We're long distance while I am finishing up my master's degree and I flew up to spend almost a week with him during my spring break two weeks ago.  Usually, we only see each other about every three weeks.  BUT...since I was asked to come for a follow-up interview today, we got an extra visit in.

(Corey and I in Time's Square the week before Christmas)

I'm loving that I had the opportunity to come back for a follow-up interview here in New Jersey.  In this economy jobs are so hard to find so I feel very fortunate that I'm even able to get an interview at all and even more so that this one is at a school I think I would be very happy working at.  Please cross your fingers for me!

I'm loving the weather in South Carolina right now.  Its cold in New Jersey but the rest of the week back home will be high 60's and low 70's.  Yay!

I'm loving the new swimsuit I ordered from Victoria's Secret that arrived last week.  I can't wait for spring weather to really settle in so I can wear it.

(I LOVE the paisley! Unfortunately, I did not look nearly as seductive when I tried it on but I love it nevertheless)

I'm loving the personalized with my name, pink polka dot case I ordered for my new iPhone 4.  It looks like this but personalized with Elizabeth and is actually a shade lighter pink - which is a perfect match with my wallet!  I'm a little obsessed with how cute it is.

I'm loving that I'll be home to snuggle with my sweet puppy, Riley, tonight.  I've been traveling so much lately that I haven't had enough quality time with my furbaby - who happens to be the sweetest dog in the entire world!

(Riley turned one year old last Tuesday!)


  1. What a cute suit!! And that phone case just makes me even more jealous that my case didn't fit :( I ordered the clairebella one (well had it ordered for me) for christmas, but it was made for the T-Mobile blackberry not Verizon, boo hiss. Hope you have a great week! Virginia

  2. Your puppy is so cute! I'm also from SC and I am loving the weather!!!

  3. Omg that swimsuit is gorgeous!!!
    I just ordered one too :)
    New follower from WILW

  4. your blog is so adorable! I just did a post on my favorite spring lilly dresses you might like :) your puppy is so so cute!! jealous :)

    Prepster Royalty

  5. Found your blog through the link up! Happy belated birthday to Riley!

  6. being long distance sucks but it is worth it! The hubs and I did it for 4 years in college.

  7. My boyfriend and I will probably be long distance eventually and I definitely applaud for making it work! What a sweet relationship you much have!

  8. Your iPhone cover is sooooo cute! Where did you order it from?

    I love the bathing suit too!

  9. Great things that you are loving today!!! I love that swimming suit!

  10. I'm also loving this SC weather! And Victoria's Secret swimsuits are the best :)

  11. Thanks for playing along!

    Good luck with your interview!


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