Monday, April 4, 2011

Misc. Monday and CONDO UPDATE!

Today I'm linking up with Carissa at Lowercase Letters for another Miscellany Monday.

I love, love, love the weather today. And this weekend. Spring has finally sprung! I have pulled out my sandals and scheduled a fresh mani/pedi for later in the week. I'm going to try Shellac for the first time for the mani...who has already used it? I'm thinking Clearly Pink, Strawberry Smoothie, or Rose Bud. Anyone used these colors?

I had phone dates with my two best friends from college last night and it was fabulous to catch up with both of them. Consequently, a lot of the school work I was supposed to do did not get finished but some things are just more important.  

The downfall of the beautiful weather: I feel like I have senioritis and am not motivated to write any papers or essays or do any schoolwork whatsoever.  Not sure if the weather is really to blame though - I've actually been battling with this motivation thing since Day 1 of my master's coursework. Grad school = no fun.

I'm off to New Jersey on Friday to visit Corey! We're spending Friday night at an award-winning golf resort where we'll be having an eight-course dinner at a five star restaurant, relaxing in the hot tub or by the fireplace in our room, and a couples' massage on Saturday.  Complimentary chocolate covered strawberries and champagne at check-in.  I'm so excited!!! But, I'm having a hard time planning an outfit for this dinner because the high there is still only about fifty degrees. Suggestions???
Condo update!  Condo update!  If you read my post yesterday you know that Corey and I had some very exciting news. We did put an offer in the condo we liked and they countered back, coming down about 10K off the asking price. So we countered their counter and then they countered that, coming down another 9K putting the price at exactly what we were hoping all along. Our realtor suggested that we counter one more time, accepting that price but asking for closing costs since we're first time home buyers and can use whatever help we can get! Also, this condo has been on the market for almost a year so he feels like the seller is pretty motivated and was very excited to hear from us!
Another photo of the living room. How cool would it be to be able to see the Empire State Building from your living room?


  1. I've done the Shellac nails and I loved them~they last forev!! I am super jealous of the wknd you have planned! & good luck with the rest of the condo stuff.. HOW EXCITING!! :-)

  2. yes, shellac is my favorite! I have the newest pink color on right now and I'm loving it! (not sure what it's called). Great news about the condo! Sounds like you guys are almost homeowners.


  3. Sounds like an amazing and relaxing weekend you have planned! I could use one of those right now... hope everything works out the way you want it to with the condo :)

  4. That's exciting. I like these little Monday posts.

  5. Oh my goodness you'll LOVE the Shellac its amazing i used to work in a salon and spa everyone was in love with it. its also amazing as a pedicure as well :) ENJOY!


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