Thursday, April 21, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

Last week, I received the One Lovely Blog Award from Life in the Sweet Virginia Breeze This award entitles me to share seven fun facts about myself and then pass the award on to fifteen other lovely blogs I read.  I am so excited to receive this award because I have only been blogging about a month so it feels like such an honor!

So here it goes...

Seven facts about me
1. I'm currently obsessed with all things wedding-related. I know this is normal for a bride-to-be but I think I am stressing myself out by wanting everything to be perfect.

2. I love the look of a fresh manicure. I am able to do my own and will change it about every four days. Even though I do this, I always use different shades of pink or a french manicure - or occasionally red. Essie polish is my favorite and sometimes the colors are so pretty, I'm tempted to venture out and try a bright blue.

3. I am obsessed with fashion. Despite this, though, what I like always trumps what is popular or trendy. 

4. I love all things monogrammed. I'd love to own a monogram boutique after I've taught for several years and once I've had children.

5. I'm very nostalgic about college. I love all the grown-up things in my life right now (moving, getting married!, etc.) but I miss my college friends and all the fun we had terribly.

6. I think I have the cutest dog in the world and he is so spoiled! Riley also thinks he is the cutest dog in the world. When we go on a walk, he will stop and appear to be insulted if someone passes by without stopping to admire his cuteness.

This is Riley when he first came to live with me last April.

7. My fiance is most definitely the love of my life. I've been so blissfully happy since we've gotten engaged because I feel like I am the luckiest girl alive. 

Now, fifteen lovely blogs: 

Whew...that was tough! Now, ladies, its your turn. Now off to the gym for my first pre-wedding workout. :)


  1. Wow...thanks Elizabeth! What an honor!!!! You are so sweet...we have so much in common...I actually have the monogrammed hat and am wearing it to a horse race in Nashville in May...Good luck on your first pre-wedding workout. :) And congrats!

  2. I like your new banner. I need to get one.

  3. Thanks girl!! I feel very honored :) I love reading your blog!!

  4. Thanks for the award! It's "Christy" from Charleston Girl. :)

  5. I am the same as you, I only wear shades of pink and red on my nails. Last summer I thought I'd be daring and try only lasted a few hours before I took it off! Thanks for the award!


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