Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back to work! (And a very scary story)

I hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend and enjoyed a day off work! I definitely enjoyed a day off and getting to sleep in and spend some time outside. I love Memorial Day and am so thankful for all those that serve our country.

Back to work for me today - but its our last week! Today is our last full day of school for the kids and then tomorrow and Thursday are half days for me to clean the classroom and get caught up on paperwork and permanent records. Friday is a teacher work day and then I'm done.

Unfortunately, I don't have all summer off. I'm taking three graduate classes this summer and am commuting an hour and a half both ways to do this. Yuck! It'll all be worth it on July 29th, when I'm finished with all my master's coursework and have earned my M.A.

Corey's sister recently graduated from NYU and as a graduation gift, their parents sent her to Europe. Corey was able to go also. They left last week and spent some time in Amsterdam and are in Brussels now. His parents are flying out tomorrow evening and will be meeting them in Paris.

Yesterday early evening, I got a Skype message from Corey telling me he had been help at knife point and robbed. He and his sister had gone out to a bar and got in an argument (at this time it would've been after midnight in Brussels) so he'd decided to go back to the hotel alone. He gave them all his money but luckily his wallet with his US credit cards and passport were back at the hotel.

This resulted in a frantic game of Skype phone tag - Skype was refusing to cooperate and kept cutting us off as he was trying to tell me the story and as I was demanding to video chat with him to ensure that he really was safe in one piece. Luckily he is ok but it is so scary to hear that kind of news when your significant other is thousands of miles away in another country!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

How To: DIY Bridesmaid Invitations

Several weeks ago, I made handmade bridesmaid invitations for all my bridesmaids. I grabbed all my materials, a clipboard, and climbed into bed at my parents' house. I placed myself in front of the television and caught up on the Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice episodes I had missed. The invitations came out so cute.  Here's a little how-to:

Step 1:
Make a trip to Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or your craft supply store of choice. Buy all kinds of fun goodies in your wedding colors or that match your style. Make sure to get blank cards with envelopes, too, and some pretty scrapbook paper.

Step 2: 
Line the edge of the scrapbook paper up with the blank cards. Glue the scrapbook paper down then trim the extra off to use for another card. Hint: I just covered the front to conserve expensive scrapbook paper and to help avoid extra postage if the cards got too heavy.

Step 3. 
Use a ruler and pencil to draw a rectangle on the front cover. I used a rolling exacto knife to cut the rectangle out. This helped keep my lines straight - but you can use regular scissors, too.

Step 4: 
Decorate the front of your card however you want. I printed off a pretty bride sketch for mine. Then, cut out and decorate the words "Me." and "You?" in a cute way.  Glue them onto the front of the card.

Step 5:
Make a pattern for your paper doll. Cutting the girls off a clothing pattern envelope would work well but I searched for fashion sketches in Google images. Then, I used the head of one sketch, the body of another, and the legs of a third! I taped the pieces together to make my pattern. Make sure the skirt and the elbows extend the same width or your paper dolls won't work when you cut them out.

Step 6:
Choose a paper that is not too thin or too thick for the paper dolls. I used a neutral color of construction paper.  Trace your doll. Its ok if this isn't perfect - you can fix it as you cut. Eventually this side of this doll will be glued down and no one will ever see the pencil marks.

Step 7: 
Carefully fold your doll. Remember, elbows and skirt should touch at the fold. Admire your gorgeous ring at every fold.

Step 8:
Cut those dolls out! This will take some time depending on how many bridesmaids you have. Make sure to use fine point scissors for cutting the insides of the arms. I did this part just two dolls at a time.

Step 9: 
Place a ribbon at the waist of the back doll. Glue that doll down and slide the ribbon through her arms. Once the glue has dried, you can fold the rest of the dolls up and tie them with the ribbon, which looks like a sash!

Step 10: 
Write a message to your bridesmaids!  I did a generic message next to the dolls and then a personal note on the inside of the front cover.

And, you're done!  I placed the cards in envelopes and hand-delivered those that I could. For my bridesmaids that live faraway, I mailed the cards and surprised them. Luckily, everyone said yes!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

NEVER in my life have I laughed so hard...

...as I did when the following was brought to my attention:

What is this you ask?  Well....it is the cuchini. And it is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.

As a lover of fashion, I really felt the need to share this with you all. Seriously, I laughed for a good ten minutes when this was brought to my attention.  Further explanation:

As swimsuit season approaches, ladies, you can rest assured.  Camel toe is a thing of the past.  

Apparently, this apparatus has been available for two years! I was completely unaware. My favorite things about the cuchini website:

1. The slogan "no bush for the cush" which explains the necessity of this device.
2. The blog titled, "Cuchini Camel Toe Cops" where the creators of the cuchini call out celebrities  sighted with camel toe.
3. The "Send her one anonymously" option. Seriously?
4. Last, but certainly not least, the bikini clad camel mascot:

Ladies...opinions please.  Do you think people actually order these? And if so, with or without the influence of multiple margaritas?

How hard did you laugh upon reading this? Do you agree - completely absurd? Or completely necessary?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Its time for What I'm Loving Wednesday with Jamie. Link up here to play along!

I'm loving that I'm meeting with a possible wedding photographer today after work. Actually two photographers - a husband and wife team.

I'm loving these dresses...

So bright and summery! I love the fuchsia and orange...and it looks so comfortable!

Love the seersucker and flower! Seriously - how fun is this dress?

I'm loving that the week is halfway over. Its just been one of those weeks!  Is it Friday yet?!?!

I'm loving how much my wedding planning stress has eased since hiring my two fabulous wedding planners. I feel so much more relaxed already. We're working on engagement party details now.

I am loving my sweet furbaby, Riley.  I am NOT loving that he is not acting like himself. He was much less playful than usual last night and didn't eat much of his dinner. Keeping a close eye on him today - my dad is babysitting him while I'm at work. I don't know if he's sick or just hot. Its ninety degrees and Riley does not like summertime because he's so furry!  Does anyone else have a spaniel of any kind? Do you get them groomed to thin their fur in the summer? 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NYC Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday ladies!

Sorry for being a little m.i.a. yesterday.  Blogging takes a backseat to travel.  It also takes a backseat to work (unfortunately).

I had a fabulous weekend in New Jersey and New York with my sweet fiance, Corey.

My flight was delayed on Friday. We missed our dinner reservation at a delicious Italian restaurant with soaring reviews that we found on Living Social. How many of you all use this amazing website?  It seriously controls our life sometimes. Love, love, love it.  The deals are phenomenal and we've found so many great new restaurants after being motivated to try them through Living Social.

I got in after ten on Friday night.  This was after being squeezed in a middle seat on my delayed (which already had me a little ticked off) flight. Now, its not the middle seat that bothers me so much. It was who was sitting next to me. And that would be two very overweight men. Not a little overweight - we're talking each one taking up a quarter of the seat I paid $329 for.  The armrest couldn't even go down so I didn't even have a barrier to help me stand my ground and claim my seat.

Nor does it help that Continental's new partner, United, organizes their loading zones in the least organized fashion imaginable. Somehow all the middle seats were last to board. And the overhead bins had been packed from the front backwards, which forces you to go back to the back of the plane to store your luggage then fight your way back to your seat (where the two overweight men are already comfortably seated and dominating three-quarters of it.) This, of course, causes a serious traffic jam not only when boarding but also when de-boarding. I sat the duration of the flight squished in the middle so tightly I couldn't even hold my book up to read or turn the pages.

We spent Saturday in New York City. We drove into Hoboken, toured our new apartment, and had lunch at a cute little cafe.  I'm seriously loving the new apartment by the way. Move-in date is only six weeks away!
(Future kitchen - pardon previous resident's clutter)

We spent the afternoon at a cute street festival in the Village area (I'm still working on my NYC neighborhood knowledge) and went on a long walk in Central Park. It was a perfect sunny day. Its been in the 90's at home but it was in the low 70's in New York which was perfect!

Corey and I got the best seats for the Yankees/Mets game Saturday night. They were in the lower deck with a beverage and snack service which was phenomenal. I'm so glad we got to go to this game. It is a big rivalry with both teams being from New York so it was so exciting!

Continental sent me a survey about my flight experience today. My flight home was delayed as well. (This time on the runway) In fact, I've flown with Continental or United (now that they're partners) 10 times in 2011. Guess how many of those flights were either delayed (at least more than half an hour) or cancelled? EIGHT. (!!!)

Fabulous time in New York. Not so fabulous flight experience. We've had a credit with Continental that we've just used up. Who is your airline of choice?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Confession time

I have a confession...

I've been having an affair.

That's right. I've been cheating on fashion and footwear, my first loves, with all things wedding-related.

Last night I took some time to browse my favorite go-to places for fabulous shoes.  Here are some of my new favs.
Love, love, love these! Basically obsessed with them. (Also available in a peach/blue combination and all black in case you were curious). I recently purchased these super cute wedges and adore them:
Even though one is a wedge and the other is a heel and therefore more dressy, I worry: Are they too similar?  Opinions, please.  :)

I'm loving these cute flats - in black.  

I like the neutral/bold combination of these tan and hot pink peep toe slingbacks from VS. 

I even managed to combine my love for shoes with my love for planning our wedding by scoping out some potential wedding shoes.  
Love these elegant, classy sandals. I'm such a sandal girl and I think these are fabulous.
Love these Badgley Mischka peep toe pumps, too. Aren't they fabulous?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Happy Wednesday everyone! Its time for WILW with Jamie.  Want to play along?  Link up!  

I'm loving Essie's French Affair nail color from their Spring 2011 collection.  I love pastel pinks.  So feminine and classy.

I can't say I've really been loving this season overall but I am loving Grey's Anatomy's episode last week.  **Spoiler Alert!** I have to admit I started tearing up a little bit at the end when Meredith told sweet baby Zola that she was hoping to be her mom.  

I'm loving this flirty bikini. I am in no need for a new bikini. I buy at least two every summer and take very good care of them so I have lots and lots. But how cute is this one?

I like this one a lot as well.  Its a little too similar to one I recently purchased but I still think its super cute - love the embellishments.  

This isn't quite as much my style but seriously - how cute is this sailor swimsuit?

I'm loving that I'm spending this weekend with my amazing fiance. Long distance relationships can be so hard sometimes and I am SO ready to have another weekend with him! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bridesmaid Invitations - DIY

Remember my post last week with the mystery craft supplies?  Well...the crafting is finished and now that they are delivered, I can reveal that the project was:

Bridesmaid invitations for my bridesmaids. Most of them knew they were going to be asked anyway but I thought this was a cute way to officially ask them.

I made all these cuties by hand and managed to give myself carpel tunnel in my thumb from cutting out countless sets of paper dolls. Despite the fact that days later, all of the feeling in my thumb has not returned, I'm still super proud of my crafting.

For those of you who know me IRL you know I am not really a crafter. It is a hobby of mine - I enjoy to do it. My twin littles in my sorority had tons and tons of light and dark blue polka dotted crafts when we were in college. (I'm a Kappa Kappa Gamma in case anyone was curious) I like to craft - but generally I'm not that good at it. I can create a cute craft or two and some pretty adorable picture frames but I really surprised myself on how well these turned out.

Like them?  Let me know in a comment and if there's any interest I'll do a how-to post later this week. :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Misc. Monday

Happy Monday everyone.  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  I'm sorry I've been a little m.i.a. lately.  Work was very busy last week and I was recovering from being sick last week so it wore me out completely!

I always like to start my Mondays by linking up with Carissa for Misc. Monday.  You can link up, too!

I'm meeting with our wedding planner today. There was an issue with the schedule in our contract with the reception venue and she is hopefully going to help us figure it out so we can get it signed!  

I have felt incredibly worn out all weekend. I've spent many, many hours sleeping and feel much better today!

My blogger was not working properly over the weekend.  I tried to catch up on some of your blogs and I got a message that said blogger was unavailable.  Consequently, I was also unable to post any new blogs. I promise to catch up this week though! :)

My cousin by marriage (he was married to my second cousin who passed away about ten years ago) got remarried this weekend. He is in his seventies so it was a second wedding for both of them. The reception was carnival themed which was very cute for a casual second wedding like theirs.  I was able to see so many friends and family members so it was lots of fun to catch up with everyone.
My cousin, Anna, and I at the wedding.

Newlyweds cutting their cakes.

I am headed to New Jersey this coming weekend. We are going to take some measurements at our new apartment. We're also having a picnic in Central Park and then going to the Yankees/Mets game. I'm not a huge sports fan by any means but picnics and baseball mean summer and I love that! What are your favorite summer activities?  

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This Wednesday I love...

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Its Wednesday so I'm linking up with  Jamie for another WILW.  

I'm loving that its one day closer to the weekend and that we are on a two hour delay today because of storm damage. This week has been crazy!!! Yesterday's post explains my crazy workweek. 

I'm loving that wedding plans are starting to come together. We've put a hold on our venues and will have a definitive date after we check on one last thing this coming Monday. 

I'm loving these dresses:
Hibiscus Melody Magenta Dress  - Click Image to Close

Lost in the Ruffle Royal Blue Dress  - Click Image to Close
I'm going to a wedding this weekend. Its a wedding for a family member who is being remarried (his wife passed away several years ago) and is very causal but I'm excited to see some family and friends I haven't seen in ages.

I'm loving that I have been doing hours and hours of wedding related crafting. I'm so proud of myself and I can't wait to share it with you - but right now it has to stay top secret! Here's a little sneak peak at some of the materials.

I'm loving that one of my favorite books is now a movie. Now that I have a few weeks off school, I'm going to make time to see i

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is it Friday yet?! (Oh...standardized test week)

This week the older children in my school (3rd and 4th graders) are taking the state-wide mandated standardized test.  What does this mean for my first graders?

Three and a half hours of quiet work time without an activity break or being able to get out of the classroom at all.

They look kind of like this...

What does that mean for me, their teacher?

Seven hours without a bathroom break.  And twenty-one very grumpy yet very energetic seven year olds.

I look kind of like this...

Yesterday, when it was almost the end of the day we were working in centers.  Testing was finally over so we could do work that makes a little bit of noise but my students had still only left the classroom to go to lunch. Well...just as we start our center time one of my most mischievous boys notices that something is moving in the fluorescent light above his head. It was a lizard! Yep..a lizard is stuck in the ceiling in my classroom. And it runs around from light fixture to light fixture, disrupting my students. Of course at seven-years-old this seems like a serious crisis.  The boys were trying to sneak to throw erasers at it and the girls were worrying it would fall out and land on them. One little girl was even near tears. They really got a kick out of our lizard. And I really wanted to pull my hair out.

By the way, we've named him Larry.