Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back to work! (And a very scary story)

I hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend and enjoyed a day off work! I definitely enjoyed a day off and getting to sleep in and spend some time outside. I love Memorial Day and am so thankful for all those that serve our country.

Back to work for me today - but its our last week! Today is our last full day of school for the kids and then tomorrow and Thursday are half days for me to clean the classroom and get caught up on paperwork and permanent records. Friday is a teacher work day and then I'm done.

Unfortunately, I don't have all summer off. I'm taking three graduate classes this summer and am commuting an hour and a half both ways to do this. Yuck! It'll all be worth it on July 29th, when I'm finished with all my master's coursework and have earned my M.A.

Corey's sister recently graduated from NYU and as a graduation gift, their parents sent her to Europe. Corey was able to go also. They left last week and spent some time in Amsterdam and are in Brussels now. His parents are flying out tomorrow evening and will be meeting them in Paris.

Yesterday early evening, I got a Skype message from Corey telling me he had been help at knife point and robbed. He and his sister had gone out to a bar and got in an argument (at this time it would've been after midnight in Brussels) so he'd decided to go back to the hotel alone. He gave them all his money but luckily his wallet with his US credit cards and passport were back at the hotel.

This resulted in a frantic game of Skype phone tag - Skype was refusing to cooperate and kept cutting us off as he was trying to tell me the story and as I was demanding to video chat with him to ensure that he really was safe in one piece. Luckily he is ok but it is so scary to hear that kind of news when your significant other is thousands of miles away in another country!


  1. Glad he is safe! I couldn't even imagine!

  2. Wow, I am glad he is ok!! That is so scary!

  3. Your blog is absolutely the cutest! I was looking back at your older posts and HAD to tell you how much I love, love, love your homemade bridesmaid invitations. Can't wait to read more posts!

    PS- glad your fiance is okay!

    <3 Natalie

  4. Oh my gosh, Elizabeth, that is terrible. I am glad he is okay.

    so sorry to hear that.

    Thanks for your comments about the new design. You are entered in the give-away. Enjoy your last week of school. Leigh

  5. What a scary story--so glad everything is okay though!

  6. So scary!!!! I'm glad he's fine!!

    <3 Belly B

  7. Oh no! That must have been so stressful! I am so glad everything is okay! <3


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