Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Happy Wednesday everyone! Its time for WILW with Jamie.  Want to play along?  Link up!  

I'm loving Essie's French Affair nail color from their Spring 2011 collection.  I love pastel pinks.  So feminine and classy.

I can't say I've really been loving this season overall but I am loving Grey's Anatomy's episode last week.  **Spoiler Alert!** I have to admit I started tearing up a little bit at the end when Meredith told sweet baby Zola that she was hoping to be her mom.  

I'm loving this flirty bikini. I am in no need for a new bikini. I buy at least two every summer and take very good care of them so I have lots and lots. But how cute is this one?

I like this one a lot as well.  Its a little too similar to one I recently purchased but I still think its super cute - love the embellishments.  

This isn't quite as much my style but seriously - how cute is this sailor swimsuit?

I'm loving that I'm spending this weekend with my amazing fiance. Long distance relationships can be so hard sometimes and I am SO ready to have another weekend with him! 


  1. Great nail color! Happy Wednesday!

  2. I adore Essie polish! That color is fabulous, must go out and buy it asap! All those swim suits are cute, but I love the first one best!

  3. I love Victoria's Secret bathing suits!!! I get so excited when the new ones come out every year, and I always have to order at least one. :)

    1. Caitlin, Hello My name is Lissa. I am wondering if you ordered the sailor bathing suit. I LOVE it and want to order one. Can you let me know where you got it. Thanks so much!

  4. I love that first bathing suit!! Too cute!

  5. love the first bathing suit, so cute

  6. I love the bikinis! I always buy like two a summer too, but I just can't resist when summer comes around again!

    I hope your weekend with your fiance is amazing :)

  7. Such cute bathing suits!! I love the sailor one, but I don't think I would be able to pull that look off.

  8. The first suit is adorable!

  9. Cute suits! And I love the nail polish too! Great summery things!

  10. Enjoy your weekend. Cute suits.

  11. Too funny i got that middle swim suit! just ordered it :)


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