Monday, June 6, 2011

Better late than never

So...I didn't get around to posting today. I read almost all of your blogs today and tried to leave comments, however Blogger was not cooperating.

It is after 11:30. I've been doing homework forever. I started my summer grad classes today. I have to read approximately 100 pages every night and write a 1-2 page paper every single evening. Not to mention I commute an eternity just to get to class every day. As this may indicate - I'm exhausted and I'm only one day into the semester! I finished work on Friday. It would have been fabulous to have at least one day off between work and summer classes. Unfortunately, that did not happen. However, I'm so close to having my Master's. In fact, there are

53 Days until I have a Master's Degree

I was a little absent from the bloggy world the end of last week. The end of the year for teachers is so stressful. Plus, on Thursday one of my students stepped on my toe. This would be the toe with the stitches from the terrible Jack Rogers incident. (I linked to the post just in case you missed that whole ordeal.) It popped a stitch when he stepped on my toe. He felt so guilty he almost started crying. I almost started crying too because it hurt so bad but I hugged him and told him, "Honey, its ok. I'm fine."  I'm glad he didn't ask for proof or decide to look down at my foot at that moment because I was bleeding through my bandaid. :(

I went to my own doctor's office this time. It turned out to be a good thing I guess, because it turns out I did need a tetanus shot after all. I got the Tdap, which is the newer one that also prevents whooping cough. My doctor insisted that I get that one since I will likely be having children in the next ten years before I need another tetanus. She also had to put me on two different antibiotics to prevent infection.  Yuck.  This combined with all the end of the year teacher procedures really wore me out.

When you feel tired and run down, what do you do to improve your mood?


  1. Oh.My.Goodness. I can't even imagine! What happened to your toe the first time around sounded bad enough without adding a second injury! I probably would have cried...

    Congrats on almost being finished with your Master's! Such a HUGE accomplishment :)

  2. It never fails--if you have an injury you will continually hit it, etc!


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