Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday

Happy Tuesday girls!

I've decided I am going to start doing a weekly wedding planning column to update you on how the wedding planning is going and to discuss wedding related topics. The goal is for this to happen on Tuesdays. Please place emphasis on goal.


This is my cute little "Inner Bride" avatar from the Knot. I had such a good time with that feature. I've made six inner brides.

Today's topic is going to be wedding dress shopping! I am so excited because I am going wedding dress shopping for the first time this Friday. I am going to two fabulous boutiques in Charlotte. Our amazing wedding planner has organized the day for us and she and my mom will be going with me. I am beyond excited.

This is not the only talk of wedding dress shopping that you will hear about on this blog. There is another trip in the works. Any Say Yes to the Dress fans reading? My mom, maid of honor, and Corey's mom are planning a trip to Kleinfeld's. I watch Say Yes to the Dress religiously, particularly at the gym to motivate me to stay on the treadmill. I don't think I'm going to make a decision until after I've been shopping at both places. I love the idea of buying from a smaller salon back home but I know I'm not going to miss finding the perfect dress by going to Kleinfeld's. They are the largest bridal salon in the country, after all! And so close to my new home in Hoboken.

I have a love for fashion and for beautiful clothes. Being a former pageant girl, the dress is something that is very important to me. I have a number of beautiful gowns from my pageant days and they are all very special to me. One of my favorites is this one:

Custom designed for me by the one and only Sherri Hill.

When it comes to wedding dresses I love a classic elegant look. I want the gown to be beautiful and breath-taking but also not too over the top. I want it to be gorgeous without being too extravagant.

Here are my current favorites:
I love a gorgeous satin ballgown. Simply beautiful.

I love the elegance of lace. And all the detail! Breathtaking.

Ladies, what is your favorite style of wedding dress? Which of my two favorites do you prefer?

I'm also thinking that if anyone is interested, I'll add a linky tool to these bridal talk posts. Engaged ladies can link up to a post about their own plans, married ladies can link up to a past post or reminisce, or those who just love a good wedding can link up to share some of the things they love about the week's topic. Regardless, I love hearing all of your opinions on wedding planning and reading about others' upcoming weddings. If you're interested in a wedding-related link up, let me know! :)

Also, I'm so excited that I reached 50 followers yesterday! I'm thinking that at 75 I'll do a giveaway! 


  1. i love the lace dress.
    lace is so classy

  2. I am SO JEALOUS you're going to Kleinfelds that is like MY DREAM but I really really want to try the new Lilly line of wedding gowns! And I also can't wait to steal that adorable little bridal talk tuesday when my time comes :)

  3. Love your Tuesday chats. Fun.

    Both dresses are gorgeous, but if I was wearing the dress, it would be the second one.

  4. Of course I followed your blog it's adorable!! And omg thanks so much for the linkie love! As SOON as I get my links page up ill be sure and return the love! Sorry new additions to the blog taking some time to work out all the knots! xoxo

  5. That pink gown you wore for the pageant is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  6. WOW--your going to Kleinfeld's!?!? How cool! Will you be on the show? How does it work, do you sign up? I'm so curious about it all, haha! Also, I know that when it's time for dress shopping for me I'm going to be a mess, I just like SO MANY styles!

  7. 1. Dress shopping is so exciting
    2. OMG! If you were on say yes to the dress that would be so cool
    3. Love your pink pageant dress you are absolutely stunning (:
    4. This link up is adorable & of course I am interested in any wedding link ups! <3

    Make sure you have the bustle them when you try them on. Take lots of pictures they are always great to look at.. so glad I took some while I was shopping <-- helped me get the perfect dress!

  8. Have fun going to Kleinfelds!!! I would love to go there but it is way out of my price range!!! I would love to join in on Bridal Talk Tuesday!!!!


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