Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday

Life with Elizabeth
Hello ladies!

Well, so far so good. I'm posting my second bridal talk Tuesday. Today's topic is "Meet the Maids of Honor." I say "maids" because I have two!

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth and I have been friends since my freshman year of college. She was on my sister hall and we bonded during sorority recruitment. We both ended up joining Kappa Kappa Gamma and our friendship grew. She stayed up all night and waited with me at the hospital when I had to have an emergency EKG and I sat in a seventeen hour(!!!) traffic jam on the interstate in the middle of a blizzard with her so we could pick her stranded boyfriend up at the Atlanta airport. She was always one of my "go to" people throughout college and I could always be very honest with her. Some of my best memories with her are creating our own karaoke to a highly inappropriate song that will remain nameless, tanning at the pool and consuming unbelievable amounts of Bud Light Lime and Mike's Harder Lemonade, thirsty Thursdays at the Greenville Drive baseball games, and lots of fun double dates. I met Corey because of her. She began dating his roommate and early on in their relationship invited me to come out with the two of them. And as they say, the rest is history!

Meet Anna

I have known Anna all of her life. She is my first cousin and is only five months younger than me. We are both only children and we have always lived within thirty minutes to an hour of each other. Because of this, we grew up very close and have remained close over the years. She is a great shopping companion and a great listener. I know that I can trust her with anything and that we'll always be on each other's sides. As children, Anna and I both loved our Barbies and we put on some pretty elaborate Barbie and Ken weddings. Even then, our Barbies were each others' maids of honor!

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  1. I love hearing about weddings!! I'm still in college but I can't wait to till my friends and I all start to get married. Congrats!!

  2. Ahhhh I cant wait to start planning my wedding! Love love love this post:)

  3. Cute cute cute choices! Love these fabulous friends!

  4. I love weddings and I wish my time will come soon! hehe. You actually remind me of Elizabeth Wakefield from the Sweet Valley - I was a HUGE fan of Sweet Valley! I am now your follower Elizabeth. Love your blog! Please have a look at mine and follow if you like. xx

  5. Very sweet post girly! I am having a maid and matron in my wedding party.

    I just saw the guidelines! Whoops! I wrote my post a couple days early and scheduled it because I knew I would be busy with school.. & I JUST HAD TO LINK UP WITH YOU! (:

    Are there going to be topics every week? Let me know. xoxo

  6. P.S. Your link up button inspired my blog button. It will do for a little while, I want to try and find some money & contact Munchkin Land Designs! lol

  7. Preppy Life Preppy Wife - I added that cute blog button to my must reads page! Jenn at Munchkin Land was awesome. I didn't do the full blog design but I thought the header and button added a lot! I love your current Lilly inspired layout!

    Also, I just sent you an email about Bridal Talk Tuesdays! Hope you'll keep linking up and you can write about anything you want! :)

  8. Great post!!! I wish I could do a post about my maid of honor (or I should say matron of honor), but I haven't told her yet. It's my aunt :) I'm seeing her next Wednesday so I'm telling her then!!!


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