Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm in love...

with this man:

But also with one of the wedding gowns I tried on today! I'm not 100% sure its the one yet. One of my maids of honor is studying abroad in China and I need her opinion. She was also planning to go to Kleinfeld's with me so if I end up getting this dress and not going then I still want her to be involved in the process.

It is so beautiful. I tried on so many dresses and there were three that I really really liked. All right about in the same price point. But they all had some major differences. This dress is fabulous and I seriously can't stop thinking about it now that I'm home. In a couple weeks, we are going to go visit one more salon in the Charlotte area and then go back to this fabulous salon to try the dress on again. It is seriously one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen!

More to come on dress shopping tomorrow after I finish this current trends in literacy education research paper that is currently consuming my life. Happy Friday ladies!


  1. Oh dress shopping! How fun! &I love Kleinfeld's :) My advice, don't keep on trying on dress after dress if you know you have found one you love. Look a little bit more if you need to, but if you can't stop thinking about something, that's a good sign right there ;)

  2. So exciting that you found something you loved. That's great!

  3. oh my!! Kleinfelds is my dream. I am dying to wedding dress shop there and I'm not even engaged yet! haha. Good luck dress shopping!


  4. Very exciting Elizabeth! <3 I am so happy you are having fun shopping!

    I know you saw my post about asking my friend, dSn to be a bridesmaid. Since she lives in Germany, I sent her all of the pictures I took dress shopping. She really enjoyed going through them & giving her input via email & skype.

  5. Good luck with the dress shopping! I'm sure you will find something beautiful :)

    I found your blog via the SITS forum! Looking forward to following!



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