Monday, June 20, 2011

Misc. Monday

Happy Monday girls!

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I'm feeling extra exhausted this Monday. How many more Mondays until I'm done with graduate school??? (Six!)

My midterm went so well. Unfortunately I still have SOOO much work to do in the next two weeks of this term. I might go m.i.a. from bloggy world next week since it will be the week of finals.

I feel like this little girl.
{via Google images}

We chose the first engagement party invitations and they are being printed as I type this. I can't wait for them to arrive. They are going to be super cute!

Here's a reminder of what they'll look like. We chose a cuter font, though. 

Round one of wedding dress shopping is occurring this Friday. I am beyond excited. My fabulous wedding planner has made some appointments for us at some of the best boutiques in Charlotte. Look for more info about that upcoming expedition in tomorrow's post.

I cannot wait for the next six weeks to be over. This is a totally, completely honest statement. I am sick of being long distance with my fiance. I'm so over this 700 mile distance. He's been living in New Jersey and I've been living in South Carolina since the week before Thanksgiving. I'm ready to get to see him everyday! If I wasn't so close to having my masters (exactly six class weeks) then I think I would quit.

41 days until I'm reunited with the sweet man and can see him everyday. (btw, Corey hates this pic because he says it caught him off guard but I love some tailgate fun so I'm using it anyway)


  1. Ahh finals! Good luck! I love the invitation you picked. Have fun wedding dress shopping. Don't forget to take a picture with those who go with you when you're not in a dress. lol I forgot & I wish I hadn't. I hope the next 41 days fly by.

    p.s. I did a post on the blog award you gave me & I gave you one. I just noticed you have already gotten it, but oh well. Your blog is just that awesome! (:

  2. Wedding dress shopping is going to be so fun! Just keep your eyes on the prize and you'll be able to get through the end of finals!

  3. You're getting married! Yay, you will be a beautiful bride! I'm getting married too! Isn't wedding planning so much fun?! Have a blast wedding dress shopping and I can't wait to see what you got!

  4. Oh I love those invitations. I also love your new blog look! So very cheery. It is so exciting to hear and see about your wedding plans :)


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