Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday Loves

Its time for What I'm Loving Wednesday with Jamie. Link up here to play along!

I'm loving that my sweet fiance is safe in some luxurious hotel in Paris today. Thank you to everyone who showed support yesterday. 

I'm loving that tomorrow is the last day of school for my kiddos and that today and tomorrow are both half days. I finished up my report cards yesterday and am working on permanent records after our faculty luncheon today.

I am loving this dress. Not loving the price tag as much. BUT, I am thinking it would be perfect for lots of upcoming wedding events - maybe even engagement pictures?
Close up of its fabulousness: 

I am loving these capris. I've been looking for a pair of jean capris for over a month now (since I passed up a fabulous pair of jean capris while visiting my grandbig in Knoxville). 

 And I'm really loving these.

I am still loving these shoes. Remember them from here? Ahh...once again not loving the price tag but you must admit - they're TO.DIE.FOR. 
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love that dress! And I agree, it will be good for pics. You could also wear it to your rehearsal to get extra use out of it, even a shower if ya wanted. :) I went overboard and bought a different dress for different events. haha

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Enjoy your last day with your kids! (:

  3. Have a good Wednesday! Glad Corey is okay.

  4. I am loving that school will be out tomorrow as well!! Good luck getting your records and last minute stuff done!!


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