Monday, July 18, 2011

Misc. Monday (and NYC weekend update)

Happy Monday girls! I'm linking up with Carissa today for Miscellany Monday. Want to play along? Write random and link up.

I had a super fun weekend in NYC with Corey, my maid of honor, Elizabeth, and Corey's mom and sister. We went to two bridal salons (including Kleinfeld's). My lips are sealed about that part of the trip until tomorrow's Bridal Talk Tuesday though.

How random is this? This is Elizabeth, one of my maids of honor. Please note her very distressed, very sad face. Then look at the shoe she is holding to see why. On Friday night, we got in very late and walked to a pizzeria only three blocks from our apartment. On the way back her Jack Rogers broke. At the toe thong! She was just walking along and felt a jerk and then snap! There it went. As you may recall, I had a similar incident that resulted in four stitches last month. So the verdict is in - although I did replace my Jacks with new Jacks, I will definitely be purchasing Stephen Bonannos the next time I'm in need of a Navajo sandal. 

I officially have nine days of graduate school left! Thank goodness because I am exhausted! And I'm ready to settle into Hoboken and get everything unpacked and organized. I can't wait to show you my impressive organizational skills. Or how I'm fitting 110 pairs of shoes into my 760 square foot apartment. 

Our engagement party is less than two weeks away! I'm so excited! I have the perfect dress...
You may remember this dress from a WILW post ages ago. I ended up purchasing this cute Anthro dress for the engagement party. Hopefully I will be able to wear it for several wedding related events. I love the classic vintage look.

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  1. So cute! Loving the Anthro dress! It's gorgy!

  2. LOVE that dress ! I'm so happy I found your blog! it must be hard going from sc to nj! Looking forward to your posts

  3. Oh no! I just bought Jacks--should've read this post beforehand! And love the Anthro dress. You'll look gorgeous in it!

  4. I am being impatient and want details of the shopping now :) Be sure to share pictures of you in that pretty engagement party dress please!

  5. i may die if my jack rogers break. they are my staple.

    love the dress!

  6. Pretty dress! I CAN'T WAIT for bridal talk Tuesday! And that picture should be a sin- Jacks should never break! How awful!

  7. Ever since I read your post about your Jack's breaking I have been waiting for it to happen to mine. Even more so now that it has happened again!

  8. I think I might link up for bridal talk tuesday this week! can't wait to see your post!


  9. I love that dress! Cannot believe Jack's have broken on you and someone else. Can't wait to read your post tomorrow for Bridal Tuesday Talk!!

    I am new to blogging and would love for you to stop by and visit!

  10. The dress is so nice. Only nine days to go til graduation? Wow!

    I'm going to do a link-up on August 1 for easy meal planning. I want recipes, tips, anything. The linky will be open for awhile, but I'm hoping it will be a post where people can go to for the month for recipe/meal ideas. Hope you join me.


  11. I am just catching up! on reading your bloggy.

    I cannot believe that happened to her jacks! Too funny you had the same thing.. I remember. I think I might do stephens next time too. I do need to order my monogrammed ones for my reception though soon. I just don't know if sizing will run the exact same?

    Yesterday I had 9 days left too! Good luck finishing up the next week and a half.

    Beautiful dress for your engagement party!

  12. Your dress for the engagement party is gorgeous! Good luck with the last few days of grad school! :)


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