Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things I'll miss most about the South

Come Monday, I'm no longer a South Carolina resident. We'll be on our way to New Jersey to settle into the apartment with a three-day stop in the Outerbanks to visit with friends. There are so many things I'll miss about the South while living in New Jersey. Here are the things I'll miss most:

I sure do love Chic-fil-A. Chicken minis are a favorite breakfast splurge and oh, the waffle fries! I'm definitely going to miss Chic-fil-A. I don't eat fast food very often but Chic-fil-A is my absolute favorite fast food spot. There is a Chic-fil-A in New York right in the center of the NYU campus. It would be a trek but if I'm ever craving Chic-fil-A I might make the journey. 

Driving wherever I want whenever I want to!
We are taking my car to Hoboken. Corey's parents graciously paid our outrageous garage fees for one year as our engagement party. I am so grateful. Although we will have a car (and many people don't as this is metro NYC) I still can't drive wherever I want. If I want to grab a quick coffee at Starbucks, I'm going to have to walk the five blocks. There are no pharmacy drive thrus. While I'll still have some freedom by having my car, the roads often look like the photo above. I definitely can't get in my car and drive to the grocery store or Wal-Mart three times a week when I realize I forgot something. I'm going to have to plan further in advance!

Lilly Pulitzer boutiques
There are Lilly boutiques in New Jersey and in New York. There's the Lilly Pulitzer store on Madison Avenue but they're just not the same! The atmosphere is completely different and I'm going to miss the southern feel of Lilly boutiques at home.

Carolina beaches
I love South Carolina beaches. I love driving down to Charleston for a quick weekend trip and laying on the sand to soak up the sun. I'll definitely miss South Carolina beaches and the Jersey Shore is DEFINITELY not the same. (Its not quite as bad as the show portrays, at least that I've seen thus far, but it is no South Carolina.)

Sweet tea
I am not an avid sweet tea drinker but I love a glass on occasion. No one makes it like we do in the south. If you order tea in New Jersey at a restaurant, what you get won't be sweet. And it won't be cold. 

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  1. I love New York. In fact it is one of my favorite vacation destinations but like you I believe it in no way compares with the South.

    I hope your move up North goes smoothly. Moving is always an adventure.

  2. This is a favorite post of mine. Love it.

  3. The South is a place of its own. I honestly don't know what I would do without Chic fil a.

  4. Sweet Tea & Chick-fil-a are the bomb!

  5. Don't worry, there's lots of northeastern stuff you'll enjoy :) And you can always go back to visit (I go to Virginia at least once a year)!

  6. Yes, the sweet tea! I lived in DC for a while (not even really the "north") and couldn't stand not having sweet tea. Haha. Good luck with your move!

  7. I would def miss the beaches! The Lilly store on Madison Ave is surprisingly charming and nice- at least when I was last there. They were nicer than MY Lilly girls in VA and were def helpful and cute!

  8. Have a wonderful move! I'm sure you will love Hoboken as much as I did, but nothing compares to the South--I was back after a year!

  9. I dont know what I would do without chickfila and sweet tea!!

  10. I know exactly how you feel! We did just get a Chick Fil a in downtown Chicago a few weeks ago! let me tell you it was a BIG deal. Hopefully they will expand to your area before long!


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