Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday - Honeymoon Ideas

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Happy Tuesday lovelies! Cortenay, our fabulous wedding planner, sent me an email with our September "to-do" list last night. One of the things she recommended was choosing our honeymoon destination. Corey and I have tossed around a number of ideas but we haven't really narrowed it down to one or two places that are strong possibilities. 

one: Fiji

 Corey has been really interested in traveling to Fiji. What a relaxing honeymoon! And not only is it gorgeous but there is so much to do - cavern tours, sea kayaking, sailing, snorkling, and scuba diving. You can visit a one-of-a-kind Hindu temple built in true Indian style and historic villages with traditional bures.

two: Hawaii

I would love to visit Hawaii. It is somewhere I've been eager to visit for most of my life. Scenic horseback rides, ziplining, snorkeling, surf lessons, visiting botanical gardens and cultural performances, and even being able to see Kilauea from Volcanoes National Park. 

three: Bora Bora

How pretty is Bora Bora? I'd love to see the fish in the coral gardens or visit Mount Otemanu. It would be so much fun to take a lagoon boat tour, take a kite surfing lesson, and lay out on the white sandy beaches. 

four. St. Lucia

How fun would St. Lucia be? Treetop canopy adventures, hiking through a rain forrest, or visiting the mineral baths. I'd love to visit the Morne Coubaril Estate, go kayaking, or go snorkeling at the Anse Chastanet Reef. 

five: Florence, Italy

Well, Florence isn't really an option. I think we'd prefer somewhere more tropical and relaxing, but I had the best time in Florence when we visited during my study abroad in college. I would love to go back and spend more time in Florence doing some touristy things. I love the historic sites (the Duomo, the statue of David, the Basilica di Santo Croce, the Museo di San Marco), markets and shops, and all the delicious restaurants! You can even take a one-day cooking course - how fun!

Ladies - where did you go on your honeymoon or where would you love to go someday?

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  1. Go to Europe! I have never been and am dying to go! I think that would be so romantic!! (well so would all of the other places you have listed!!)

  2. Ahhh! Italy. That's where my fiance and I are planning to go for our honeymoon. :)

  3. I love Florence! However for a honeymoon I agree an island is so much more relaxing. Bermuda is beautiful and only a two hour flight away! I went there earlier this Summer. My big sister in my sorority studied abroad in Fiji and had the time of her life! Bora Bora sounds amazing as well.

  4. We are doing the same thing trying to narrow down where we want to go on our honeymoon. It's tough choosing between a bunch of different places that look like paradise! The only thing we do know is that we are going to go all-inclusive!

  5. I think ALL your options would be great!

  6. Oh my, all of these look fabulous. We are wanting to visit St. Lucia next summer!

  7. All of them are so beautiful! We did Maui for our honeymoon and it was perfect :-)

  8. Wow, all those places look amazing!!

  9. Can you go to all of them (minus Italy)? And can you pack me in your suitcase? I promise I won't be in your way once we arrive. I'll sleep on the beach and you'll never know I was there. My vote is Bora Bora!

  10. Mr. C and I want to go to Hawaii! I've been to Italy, and I get serious travel anxiety so I think it'd be best for everyone if I stayed in the United States haha! Can't wait to see what you pick!

  11. Oh I will have to vote for Italy :) all choices are great though!

  12. HI

    We went to London. It was great, but too busy. My advice to you is to definitely go somewhere to relax, and go to a location that won't take long to get to. You are having a big wedding, and you will be tired, leading up to the prep. The first couple of days after the wedding, you are like "zombie" people.

    My sister-in-law went to Hawaii, and she said it just too so long to get there, and they were tired then her husband ended up sick. Her advice was Caribbean. Save the big, far away trip for a year later.

    I would look at some of the best hotels then go from there. Turks and Caicos, Little Dix Bay in Virgin Island, St. Barts, Four Seasons in Nevis is supposed to be great, Ritz in Grand Cayman, and Cuisinart in Anguilla, St. Lucia. I still think Hawaii would be great, but living on the East Coast, it's just a trip to get there after a big event.

    Have fun deciding.

  13. I have heard Fiji, Bora Bora and St. Lucia are some of the best honeymoon destinations. We are considering some of these also.. and KP wants to go to Belize (apparently they have great fishing). Good luck deciding!


  14. I think all these would make great honeymoon destinations! My husband and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon, and we loved it. It was super nice to not have to worry about going out of the country and mess with customs and passports too :)

  15. We've decided (well, I've decided really, lol) that we are going to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahama's!! I have always wanted to go there since the Mary Kate and Ashley movie, Holiday in the Sun!!! And you can swim with dolphins there, which is one of my lifetime goals!!

  16. Oh my goodness, ALL of those places look amazing to me! I've heard Fiji is just to die for though - it's definitely on my "Places to Visit Before We Have Kids" list!

  17. Would you believe that ever destination listed above is on my honeymoon list for next year?!? :) Love it!!! Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding...looks like we have picked a similar date too...mine is September of 2012! Lovely blog!

    Liesl :)

  18. Oh myyyyyyyy!!! What amazing choices. I would take any of them without a doubt. mKw and I probably wont get a honeymoon because of finding jobs. I really wish we could do any of the above!! Everything looks and sounds amazing!


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