Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene, you are not our friend!

Corey and I (and Riley too, of course) are still at his parents' house. The damage here from Irene was minimal, just tree branches down and some streams and really low lying areas flooding and overflowing. Currently, we're hearing the tornado warning sirens sound off every so often but hopefully the worst is behind us.

We were evacuated from Hoboken and are technically allowed to return tonight after 6pm however much of the city is without power and all of the roads around our apartment are flooded and inaccessible so I'm not sure what our plan is. We heard on the news this morning that powerlines on our street were down. Our apartment is on the seventh floor so I'm hoping that everything is ok there.

I'm hoping all of you are ok, too!


  1. I'm on the east end of Long Island - we didn't get hit nearly as hard as expected, thankfully. A few downed tree branches and an overflowing pond, but that's about the worst of it. Hope your apartment is okay, good luck getting back!

  2. Hope the flooding goes down and you can get in your place soon!

  3. Sorry, Elizabeth. I hope you can get home, soon.


  4. Power is out all across Richmond and trees are down everywhere..luckily, our power came back on yesterday afternoon!

  5. Ugh flooding in Hoboken is the WORST! I'm your newest follower, and just love love love your blog! I'm a Jersey girl myself, placed in MD temporarily. So happy I found you - fingers crossed for no more natural disasters any time soon!


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