Monday, August 29, 2011

Misc. Monday (Home sweet home post hurricane!)

with Carissa at lowercase letters

Corey, Riley, and I are home post hurricane.

There is still a lot of flooding - there's three feet of standing water in our parking garage - yuck! And there are still many areas of Hoboken that are flooded. Luckily, we can get in and out of our apartment and nothing that belongs to us was damaged. And we have power!

Riley is glad to be back. He is absolutely exhausted from playing with Spanky non-stop for three days. He and Spanky, Corey's sister's dog, are trouble makers when they're together. They were out in the garage yesterday with Corey's dad when Spanky saw a chipmunk and took off running. Riley, of course ran after him. They were still running, with Corey's dad and I chasing after them, long after they'd lost the chipmunk - with their ears flapping in the wind and tongues hanging out. I almost had a heart attack worrying my dog was going to get hit by a car but Riley finally tired out and came over to me, tail wagging, like I hadn't been yelling at him to stop and sit for five minutes. Did I ever mention he almost failed obedience class???

The weather was good most of Saturday so Corey's mom and I did some shopping. We found an accent rug for my living room - I'm very excited about this and can't wait to pick it up tomorrow. She is an interior decorating goddess so I raided her storage room and found some solid brass lamps for our bedroom and two cute paintings to hang above our bed. Our apartment is almost ready for a blog tour!

I have another job interview today - I am so happy about this. I was offered a job in fashion retail last week, which would've been really fun. As would the 30% employee discount. However, with bachelor's and master's degrees in education, I do feel like I should be working in education. Agreed?

How exciting that Beyonce is pregnant! I don't get too caught up in celebrity gossip but I love when married celebs decide to start a family. Congrats Jay-Z and Beyonce.


  1. glad you survived irene!
    and i know all about chasing a dog and yelling at him to stop...peyton did that the other day, and i was running down the street in my pajamas screaming at him to sit!

  2. I want a CKCS so bad! Were did you get your adorae guy???

  3. Oops! That should have read where did you get your adorable guy? I love that picture of him

  4. you are fortunate to have nothing damaged and to have power! i love taking my dogs to play with another dog, they are beyond exhausted later :-)

  5. Glad to hear that you are safe and sound, and there wasn't too much damage. On to the exciting part - I can't wait to see your home blog tour!

  6. So glad to hear you are safe and have power!! I can't wait to see the pictures of your decorated apartment! :)

  7. Found you from the link-up! I'm glad you are safe from Irene!

    Good luck in the job interview...sometimes those aren't very fun. Oh and I'm super excited that Beyonce is pregnant too! As she was performing, I thought to myself that she better jump on that train pretty soon and then all of a sudden, HELLO Baby Bump!! I was shocked! :-)

  8. Good luck on your job interview and isn't that picture of Beyonce the cutest?! Love.

  9. Yay on your job interview! I'm glad you're waiting for an awesome job instead of settling.

    I'm glad you escaped Irene!

    Lindsey @

  10. Glad to hear you are ok post hurricane. Can't wait to see your finished apartment!! (:

  11. I'm a new blogger and found ur page. Love it!
    Yay for: being home, job interview, cute puppy and Beyonce being preggo
    - Candace

  12. AH, did not know Beyonce is prego!!!!! They are the busiest and cutest couple!!!!

  13. Riley is adorable! I was also very excited for Beyonce and Jay Z…they are such a great couple! xx


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