Monday, August 15, 2011

Misc. Monday

This feels like the shortest weekend ever. It just flew by. I woke up this morning thinking "How can it be Monday already?!?!

We had a great weekend visiting with some friends from Philadelphia.  We went out in New York on Friday night and then spent Saturday relaxing at the lake. I even got a little sun. (Now that the summer is almost over!)

I met the nicest woman in the street last week. She stopped to talk to me because she saw Riley. It turns out she hosts a Cavalier play group once a month. She owns a condo with a backyard (backyards = scarcity in Hoboken) and invites all pet owners with Cavalier King Charles's over once a month. Its a playdate for the pups and a happy hour for the adults. Unfortunately, it has been monsooning for a day and a half in Hoboken and the play group has been postponed from today until two weeks from now. I'm excited to meet some new people and for Riley to make some doggie friends, though! 

Yesterday was Corey's dad's birthday. We met up with his parents, sister, and uncle for the most delicious Italian dinner. I love the food in New Jersey. We shared several appetizers for the table (yummy calamari, antipasti salad, and crab and avocado salad) and I ate pollo alla arrabiata with the best asparagus I've ever had!   

I learned the transmission in my car was recalled this morning. Any other 2009 Jetta owners reading? (If so, call your dealership.) Luckily I don't need to drive much around here but this is kind of unnerving knowing very recently I drove at least 600 miles every week. Task of the day: Find a reliable Volkwagen dealership in New Jersey.


  1. awe a play group! i love it!! how cute is that?!

  2. I'm with you! This weekend went by tooooo fast!!!
    The puppies are soo cute :)

  3. glad to hear you had a great weekend. and a play date for dogs, ah i wish there was one in my area good thing the woman stopped you hope your dog enjoys the play date

  4. So productive! I'm glad Riley is going to get to make some new friends :)

  5. That play group sounds like such a cute idea! I need to look into something like that for Tootsie.

    Hope you're enjoying Hoboken so far. But I'm with you ... the rain can GO! :-)

  6. I agree with you that everything's been flying by! And, yay that you live in Hoboken! When I move to the city one day, I'm definitely going to move there! We'll have to meet up :)


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