Monday, August 22, 2011

Misc. Monday

with Carissa at lowercase letters

I had a great weekend! And I got to meet some new people, which was great! On Friday, Corey and I went to our favorite happy hour bar ($1 drinks) and met some people he works with. It monsooned through our dinner reservation so happy hour turned into happy two and a half hours. We grabbed some delicious sushi once the rain stopped and headed into Manhattan to meet up with a few of Corey's other friends.

There is an annual festival in New York. The name of it is Parked and it is a festival of food trucks of all different varieties.
Corey and I intended to check this out on Saturday. We headed to the Path, which runs on a bizarre schedule anyway on the weekends, only to be evacuated two stops away (in Jersey City not Manhattan) because of a police investigation of a suspicious package on our train. We then tried to take the ferry into New York but it wasn't running. Finally, we gave up and ordered dinner in and spent a relaxing night with just the two of us.

One of the great things about New York is that there is always a festival or special event of some kind. On Sunday, there was a Blues and Barbecue festival on Pier 54. One of Corey's friends from work and his girlfriend joined us and it was a great time. One of the vendors had a sauce called "Carolina" which made me feel like I was home. 

We walked through Highline Park yesterday. It is a park built on elevated railroad tracks. Halfway through there are vendors selling coffee, gelato, etc. and the water fountains and elevators play funny "public service" announcements when you use them. I thought this place was really neat.

Corey and I have cooking a lot lately. Sometimes I'll cook a meal and sometimes he'll cook a meal but my favorite is when we work together and both cook parts. Last Thursday we made a Mexican dinner. He cooked fajitas and I made Spanish rice and fresh guacamole. Yum! Do you ever cook with your significant other?  


  1. looks like a great busy weekend! so jealous you are just a train ride away from NYC!!

  2. I am so, so, jealous of of close your are to the city!!

  3. Sounds like you had a fun and busy weekend!

  4. "Parked" sounds sooo cool!!!!
    Your weekend sounds fabulous.

  5. food trucks!!! yeah! we have those in Austin and they are always DELISH!

  6. Love cooking with Mr. C but sometimes we both like to have the kitchen to ourselves too! I've wanted to go to that park for a while- the idea of it is just so lovely!

  7. Sounds like a fun weekend!

    Chris and I cook together ALL the time! We've been cooking together ever since we started dating. We'd have a dinner and movie night, and we'd both have so much fun cooking together. Now that we're married it's no different :)

  8. Highline Park is such a great walk and good exercise too! xx


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