Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday Loves

with Jamie at this kind of love

Today I'm loving that it is sunny! It has been raining a lot in the northeast this week. Unfortunately the forecast for the remainder of the week doesn't look so hot. (Maybe the weather app on my Macbook is playing a joke??)
Regardless, I guess I better get outside and enjoy today! 

I'm loving that I'm halfway through the thank you notes for our engagement gifts. I love thank you notes and I love making them personalized so I don't mind writing them. But I hate having an unfinished task hanging over my head!

I'm loving this sweet face, even though he woke me up at 5:15 this morning because he needed to go potty. 

I'm really loving that this guy took Riley out this morning at 5:15am even though he was in the middle of getting ready for work - just so I didn't have to get dressed. (Downfall of no longer having a backyard - you cannot take the dog out in your skimpy nightie.)

I'm loving this Judith March dress.

I'm really loving this perfect-for-fall Lilly dress. Oh how I wish it was in my closet!

Happy Wednesday girls!


  1. awe i love the pic of riley and his dad! so sweet of him to take riley out for you :)

  2. That picture of Riley and Corey is adorable!!! And I'm really loving that Judith March dress! :)

  3. Lilly has some great pieces for Fall! Love your pup too!

  4. Loving the Judith March dress!! Adorable.

  5. Love Judith March! I'll take anything of hers! ;)
    Riley is too cute!

  6. Saw that JM dress in a boutique here in Arkansas...just couldn't justify buying it with no occasions (weddings, etc) to wear it to! But I LOVE it! Just dropping in from WILW!

  7. Your puppy is so, so super cute!!! Precious!

  8. Great things you are loving today!

  9. Your dog's face is precious. Love those dresses. I'm a day behind so I need to read your post from yesterday.

  10. I want your closet because these outfits are TO DIE FOR! And your dog's puppy face is just TOO CUTE! You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!

  11. I love the dress! I've had a major obsession with teal! And I'm really jealous of those highs on your forecast for the week! Such a cute pic of your man and the pup!!

  12. Wonderful things to be loving, Elizabeth. I love that last picture of your man and pup :)


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