Friday, September 30, 2011


TGIF ladies! Are we in agreement?

After my day yesterday, I'm especially thankful that today is Friday. Here is why:

Yesterday, a student bit me before 9:00 am. He tried to bite the other teacher in the room on Wednesday. She was faster and got away. (I'm thinking I should start a second blog devoted to stories from my classroom - thoughts?)

My iPhone got stolen. No worries, it was recovered. Unfortunately the screen was shattered and my dad and college roommate received some random calls. Thank goodness I have insurance! I'd planned to spend $100 on dresses this weekend - not meeting my deductible but its better than the $250 it would be without the insurance.

I pulled into the garage in our apartment building and the valet attendant informed me that my tire was flat. I thought it felt a little bumpy on the way home but I was not pulling over in any sketchy areas to investigate.

Then I waited two hours for AAA to come change my tire. Maybe one day I'll learn to do this myself. (Corey was working late in the city last night.) They finally arrived and got it changed in less than five minutes. Great surprise there - I have a full size spare. This made my day because now I don't have to fear my NJ interstate drive to work tomorrow.

I had planned to stop by my favorite Hoboken boutiques and look for some fun fall dresses since Corey was working late. They were all closed by the time AAA finally came, as were all tire repair places so I will have to get it plugged on Saturday. (Before I wait in line at one of the NYC apple stores to get my phone fixed.)

On a happier note, Corey made reservations at a restaurant in midtown, Gravy. It serves new Southern cuisine. He was so sweet when he told me about the reservation because he said he made it because he knew I must be missing home. I am so looking forward to this tonight.
Instead of shrimp and grits, these are scallops and honey grits - yum.

The one thing that kept me sane last night was that our fabulous photographer emailed Corey and I to let us know our engagement pictures are ready. Be on the lookout to see these in upcoming Bridal Talk Tuesdays. I will spread them out over several weeks but for the time being, here's a little sneak peek.
Image credit Kristin Byrum Photography

p.s. Is anyone else slightly bothered that tomorrow is October? I really like fall but seriously, where did the summer go?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday

with Rebecca at Southern Charm

I'm thankful for Fall and all the fun Fall things like Pumpkin Spice Lattes (and pumpkin spice k-cups!), football games, and fall dresses and boots. 

I'm thankful for my job and that I'm able to teach. Relocating in August is tricky for a teacher and I really didn't think I would be teaching this year. I have to remind myself how lucky I am to have gotten my job - especially on days like today when one of my kindergarteners whittled a shank from a plastic pencil sharpener. 

I'm thankful that I drive reverse commute to and from work. The traffic is still fairly heavy (even at 6:30 in the morning) but I'm so glad I'm not traveling the opposite direction towards the city. I make it to work in about twenty-five minutes and I watch the people in the other lane honk and curse at each other and give other drivers the finger through their sunroof.

I'm thankful that its almost the weekend. Friday cannot come soon enough this week. I'm ready for some delicious dinners out and relaxation. Corey gave me a gift certificate for a mani pedi that I might cash in this weekend - I'm in desperate need. There are also several fun fall festivals going on in NYC this weekend that I'd like to check out. Does anyone have any fun weekend plans?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday - Let's talk memories!

Life with Elizabeth

Do I have any teachers reading today? If so, I'm sure you can empathize with how I'm feeling currently. I had one of those days - you know the kind where you stress all night and can't sleep because you're worried about something in your classroom so you wake up tired. Then, you work with children (who are all precious and adorable by the way but also five years old and energetic) for ten hours (extended day school, remember?) and come home completely, utterly exhausted and worn out. Well, I followed up my long, exhausting day with Cavalier play time (Riley had the best time!) which also involved cocktail hour for the adults. I draft my posts the night before and honestly my one glass of wine coupled with the day has made me so exhausted I can hardly form a coherent sentence! My apologies!

*  *  *

I was thinking about how many weddings I've been to in recent years as well as all the pictures I've scoured over of friends' weddings who were far away out of town so that I couldn't make it. There are definitely a couple that really stick out to me. Thinking about my and Corey's wedding, I really want it to be memorable. I want it to be unique in some way so that people will be talking about it for years to come. 

So today for Bridal Talk Tuesday I'm not sharing any of my ideas. I'm asking you to share yours to help me plan our wedding. What was the most memorable wedding you've attended? Why was it so memorable? What has been your favorite moment at a wedding?

Was it catching up and dancing with your friends?

Dressing up and taking silly photos in a photo booth?

Really, truly amazing food?

A great favor or keepsake that you still have that reminds you of the night?

Breath taking decorations?

All images {via}

I know that our wedding will be the most important day ever for both Corey and I and probably for our parents as well. I do want it to be an extra memorable event for our guests too. As a wedding guest, what advice would you give me for this?

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Misc. Monday

with Carissa at lowercase letters

We had a great weekend this weekend. Corey and I braved the rain and tried a tapas restaurant in Hoboken on Friday night. It was neat because all the tapas were small plates of American dishes to share, like delicious macaroni and cheese, french fry tasting, short rib sliders, and cheese steak bites. They had great signature cocktails and a really neat, modern decor. 

Corey and I have been really unmotivated by the gym in our building. I teach at an extended day school and the gym is packed at five o'clock when I want to work out. It is also a pretty small gym and doesn't have a lot of the equipment I like to use. Saturday Corey and I joined the New York Sports Club in Hoboken and I am loving it. All of the studio classes are included in the membership and I am so excited for the power yoga class tomorrow and the pilates class Wednesday night. 

Today is Cavalier play group. Riley is excited to play with all of the other Cavalier King Charles doggies. Cross your fingers for us that it doesn't rain - play group has been cancelled the last two times because of rain.

I am so glad Fall TV has returned. I'd really missed Grey's Anatomy. The season premier was so good last week! I even shed a tear at the end - which may have been influenced by the three glasses of wine I had a dinner beforehand. Does anyone else watch Grey's?

I have a shopping wish list a mile long for fall. I feel like I need to expand my wardrobe since its colder here in New Jersey. Usually I'm drawn to brighter clothing, but I'm really loving neutral colors for fall this year. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Crazy for Camel

Crazy for Camel was the subject of a recent promo email from the Loft which got me thinking how much I am loving all things camel-colored this season. What a classic, perfect look for fall?


Happy Friday girls! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This Wednesday, I'm Loving

Happy Wednesday girls!

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Today, I'm loving...
Pumpkin Spice Lattes (again). And for those of you who emailed after my post Monday, I did find out that Green Mountain makes a pumpkin spice K-cup that has excellent reviews. Bed, Bath, and Beyond was sold out of them but I ordered a box online and they are on their way!

Mini cupcakes from a local bakery in Hoboken. One of my friends brought a couple over last week. Ok, she actually brought a box of six minis over last week and we ate them all. One of these days I'll try the overpriced cupcakes at Carlo's when the line is short but for now, these are delicious! And there are so many fun flavors (classic, carrot cake, red velvet, mocha with ganache, peanut butter, coconut, marshmallow.) If you're from the area, this is Sweet on 4th and Garden - I know you want to get you some. 

I'm loving that my parents are planning a trip up to visit me in early November. I miss them and we're going back to Kleinfeld's to try on the sample of my dress again (neither of them got to see it in person) and pick a veil. 


I'm loving that I won Preppy Wife Preppy Life's giveaway for a copy of My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software. I am beyond excited about this and cannot wait to use it to make some wedding goodies. Thank you BSA at Preppy Wife Preppy Life and My Memories!

I'm loving this hoodie sweatshirt by Lucky Brand. I really want a cute sweatshirt to throw on for cold mornings and evenings or when I'm bumming around on weekends and want to be warm and comfortable while still looking cute.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday - Ceremony Decor Inspiration

Life with Elizabeth

Happy Tuesday lovelies! Lately, I've been perusing for ceremony decor inspiration. I have no idea what type of altar floral arrangements I want to do yet - usually couples at our church do two smaller ones to the sides of the altar but I also like the idea of a larger arrangement as well. 

I'm still undecided about pew arrangements and bows for reserved seating, but here are a couple I loved from my search:


One thing I am sure of is that I would really love wreathes on the sanctuary doors. How pretty would that be for guests as they enter and leave the church? Also, my dad is the mayor of my hometown so anyone who drives by the church that weekend will know that it is our wedding weekend so I'd like to give the doors a little something extra. Like...



My mom is an awesome wreath maker so she could do these for us without having to order from a florist and save lots of money! 

I also love the floral monogram wreaths that many couples put on the doors of their sanctuary, but I also worry that they're a little too fun and preppy for our formal wedding. I sure do love monograms though! 


Thoughts, girls?

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Misc. Monday

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This weekend just flew by! We had a great time and hosted a really fun party for fifty friends and coworkers. I made some delicious snacks and completely forgot to photograph them to share recipes!

Yesterday, Corey and I went to San Gennaro, an Italian festival in Little Italy. All of the delicious Italian restaurants set up outdoor seating and offered specials from their restaurants, there were street vendors selling other Italian specialties, vendors selling handcrafted items, and the typical game trucks you find at street festivals. It was a great time and we had some terrific food!

I'm loving Mary Kay's new Filigree Eye and Cheek Powder. The colors are so fun and I love the Stunning for fall. I've just tried this and its amazing!
Want to try some for yourself?

Fall is definitely here in Hoboken and the NYC area. I'm changing out the clothes in my closet this week. Goodbye cute sundresses and tops, hello sweaters and boots. My absolute favorite thing about Fall is the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. I got my first one of the season last week and it was delicious. Apparently, there's a pumpkin spice k-cup I can use in our Keurig. I must look into this.

Riley enjoyed running around socializing at the party and soaking up attention from everyone. Afterwards, he was completely exhausted.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Life Lately!

I've been a little absent in the blog community lately because life has been terribly busy. Here's a little update on what we've been up to.

We went to a US Open match. So fun!
 Womens' match with Ana Ivanovic and Sloane Stephens

Novak Djokovic, ranked number 1 in the world in men's tennis 

Corey and I went to a NY Yankees game. I seriously love baseball games. We didn't take a picture together this time but I sported my pink Yankees hat once again.

We enjoyed some amazing restaurants in NYC and Hoboken, including a trip to our favorite NYC steakhouse, Club A. When in NY, you must eat here. Delicious, beautifully decorated, and the service is impeccable.

I joined a weekly girls' night with one of my friends. We get together on Thursdays for dinner out, several bottles of wine, and Project Runway.

I got a new job. Hated said job. Missed my train (and the next train) home when I got off late daily. Cried in the shower after work almost daily. Then quit my job and thankfully got back into the classroom where I belong.

Headed south for a weekend to spend time with friends and family. We went to the Clemson game and tailgated for twelve hours. Corey and I tried multiple times to take a good picture.


We planned a party for fifty people in our courtyard for this weekend. Its a fall kickoff party and I think it is going to be so much fun! There will be lots of yummy snacks and there may or may not be a keg involved. Stay tuned for details and a recap. 

Somewhere in all of this, sweet Maggie from Glitz and Grammar awarded me the I Dig Your Blog Award. She is too sweet and her blog is wonderful - you should definitely check it out.
Thank the person who gave you the award.
Thanks Maggie! You're too sweet!

Share three random facts about yourself.
1. I have to make our bed every day. It really bothers me if I'm ever running late and don't have time to make it. I can be a tad OCD about certain things and this is one of them.

2. Frozen yogurt (the original tart flavor) with fresh fruit and honey is my favorite indulgence. I do love ice cream but if I ever had to give one up for the other, fro-yo would win without a doubt. I love the fresh flavors. Yum!

3. I love Christmas and everything about it. Decorations, the scents, family celebrations. I got in a huge fight with a woman at 7am on the day after Christmas for the perfect artificial tree at Target's 75% off sale. I was there first! 
Obviously, I won.

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