Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday - Let's talk memories!

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Do I have any teachers reading today? If so, I'm sure you can empathize with how I'm feeling currently. I had one of those days - you know the kind where you stress all night and can't sleep because you're worried about something in your classroom so you wake up tired. Then, you work with children (who are all precious and adorable by the way but also five years old and energetic) for ten hours (extended day school, remember?) and come home completely, utterly exhausted and worn out. Well, I followed up my long, exhausting day with Cavalier play time (Riley had the best time!) which also involved cocktail hour for the adults. I draft my posts the night before and honestly my one glass of wine coupled with the day has made me so exhausted I can hardly form a coherent sentence! My apologies!

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I was thinking about how many weddings I've been to in recent years as well as all the pictures I've scoured over of friends' weddings who were far away out of town so that I couldn't make it. There are definitely a couple that really stick out to me. Thinking about my and Corey's wedding, I really want it to be memorable. I want it to be unique in some way so that people will be talking about it for years to come. 

So today for Bridal Talk Tuesday I'm not sharing any of my ideas. I'm asking you to share yours to help me plan our wedding. What was the most memorable wedding you've attended? Why was it so memorable? What has been your favorite moment at a wedding?

Was it catching up and dancing with your friends?

Dressing up and taking silly photos in a photo booth?

Really, truly amazing food?

A great favor or keepsake that you still have that reminds you of the night?

Breath taking decorations?

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I know that our wedding will be the most important day ever for both Corey and I and probably for our parents as well. I do want it to be an extra memorable event for our guests too. As a wedding guest, what advice would you give me for this?

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  1. My favorite wedding ever was my cousin's wedding in the "wine country" of Virginia. It was at sunset on a grassy area of a vineyard surrounded by mountains. I loved the quaint feel of it all and the Fall colors and the fact that it was small but I had THE BEST time dancing!

  2. Photobooth!! At my cousin's wedding they had a blast! I liked it as well! She also had couches and stuff around the dance floor which made it nice for grandparents to watch and relax, and it created a really nice atmosphere. I will try to post pictures for next week's link up! (:

  3. Photobooths definitely make weddings SO fun! Our best friends had a photobooth at their wedding and everyone is still talking about it! We just booked the most amazing company to do ours and it also has a feature of video recording so that guests can leave a nice message and they piece all the video clips together after the event into one video. This was one of our must-have's and we splurged a little one this!


  4. I think my favorite part is the dancing! I have only been to one wedding where the food was outstanding, so I can't really say that that was my favorite. I do think the photobooth concept is awesome though! Hope you're feeling less exhausted today ;)

  5. All of my favorite memories from weddings come from the parents. My cousin danced with his Mom for the father/mother dance by picking her up with her wheelchair and swaying her to the music. That was the one wish she had for the wedding to stand and dance with her son. Sadly, she couldn't, but my cousin picked her up anyways.

    The other less dramatic moments are the sweet toasts the fathers give to their daughters. I love getting a glimpse into what my friend's were like growing up and the special bond they have with their daddy.

  6. I just discovered your link up and am definitely do this next week!! I can't wait to joint the fun!




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