Monday, September 26, 2011

Misc. Monday

with Carissa at lowercase letters

We had a great weekend this weekend. Corey and I braved the rain and tried a tapas restaurant in Hoboken on Friday night. It was neat because all the tapas were small plates of American dishes to share, like delicious macaroni and cheese, french fry tasting, short rib sliders, and cheese steak bites. They had great signature cocktails and a really neat, modern decor. 

Corey and I have been really unmotivated by the gym in our building. I teach at an extended day school and the gym is packed at five o'clock when I want to work out. It is also a pretty small gym and doesn't have a lot of the equipment I like to use. Saturday Corey and I joined the New York Sports Club in Hoboken and I am loving it. All of the studio classes are included in the membership and I am so excited for the power yoga class tomorrow and the pilates class Wednesday night. 

Today is Cavalier play group. Riley is excited to play with all of the other Cavalier King Charles doggies. Cross your fingers for us that it doesn't rain - play group has been cancelled the last two times because of rain.

I am so glad Fall TV has returned. I'd really missed Grey's Anatomy. The season premier was so good last week! I even shed a tear at the end - which may have been influenced by the three glasses of wine I had a dinner beforehand. Does anyone else watch Grey's?

I have a shopping wish list a mile long for fall. I feel like I need to expand my wardrobe since its colder here in New Jersey. Usually I'm drawn to brighter clothing, but I'm really loving neutral colors for fall this year. 


  1. i love that riley has special CKC puppy play dates!! so cute!

  2. those play dates are so cute and those tapas sound delicious! glad to hear you found a gym that suites your needs more.

  3. I love Riley and his friends. How did you learn about a playgroup. Such an adorable breed. I've never heard of such a thing. Cute!


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