Friday, September 30, 2011


TGIF ladies! Are we in agreement?

After my day yesterday, I'm especially thankful that today is Friday. Here is why:

Yesterday, a student bit me before 9:00 am. He tried to bite the other teacher in the room on Wednesday. She was faster and got away. (I'm thinking I should start a second blog devoted to stories from my classroom - thoughts?)

My iPhone got stolen. No worries, it was recovered. Unfortunately the screen was shattered and my dad and college roommate received some random calls. Thank goodness I have insurance! I'd planned to spend $100 on dresses this weekend - not meeting my deductible but its better than the $250 it would be without the insurance.

I pulled into the garage in our apartment building and the valet attendant informed me that my tire was flat. I thought it felt a little bumpy on the way home but I was not pulling over in any sketchy areas to investigate.

Then I waited two hours for AAA to come change my tire. Maybe one day I'll learn to do this myself. (Corey was working late in the city last night.) They finally arrived and got it changed in less than five minutes. Great surprise there - I have a full size spare. This made my day because now I don't have to fear my NJ interstate drive to work tomorrow.

I had planned to stop by my favorite Hoboken boutiques and look for some fun fall dresses since Corey was working late. They were all closed by the time AAA finally came, as were all tire repair places so I will have to get it plugged on Saturday. (Before I wait in line at one of the NYC apple stores to get my phone fixed.)

On a happier note, Corey made reservations at a restaurant in midtown, Gravy. It serves new Southern cuisine. He was so sweet when he told me about the reservation because he said he made it because he knew I must be missing home. I am so looking forward to this tonight.
Instead of shrimp and grits, these are scallops and honey grits - yum.

The one thing that kept me sane last night was that our fabulous photographer emailed Corey and I to let us know our engagement pictures are ready. Be on the lookout to see these in upcoming Bridal Talk Tuesdays. I will spread them out over several weeks but for the time being, here's a little sneak peek.
Image credit Kristin Byrum Photography

p.s. Is anyone else slightly bothered that tomorrow is October? I really like fall but seriously, where did the summer go?


  1. Beautiful engagement pics Elizabeth!!! Can't wait to see more. Corey is so sweet for making dinner reservations for you at Gravy!!

  2. Cant wait to see more pics from your e-session! We're doing ours in the next few weeks and I am looking for inspiration!

    Happy Friday!

  3. That picture is such a tease! You two look amazing! I can't wait for more! I'm sorry your iPhone got stolen. You can always take a trip up to CT to go to one of our apple stores (the lines aren't as long here!). HAPPPPPY FRIDAYYYYY

  4. Oh my... what a day! I would totally be close to tears, but i am sure dinner and your engagement pictures helped! MK and I still need to get ours done. Ahhh i cannot wait to see the rest! Love this one!

  5. Gorgeous! I was also looking at Kristin for our photography!

  6. LOVE the pic! so excited for more!

    and you SO deserve a relaxing've definitely had a crazy week!

  7. Sounds like your week has been a little on the down side! Hopefully your weekend will be much better!

    Also, your engagement picture is so good, I can't wait to see more! :)

  8. What a day! Love that pop of color with that pink dress. Beautiful.

  9. What a day! The pictures are lovely. As an odd aside, I was dreaming of shrimp and grits last night. I hope the dinner was just what you needed! :)

  10. A blog about school stories would be really interesting... but you have to be careful. I know some people who've gotten in trouble because of such things. I won't want you to get in trouble!

    Enjoy your weekend, even if it IS the beginning of October. It's so cold here in Chicago but at least the sun is out.

  11. ahhhhhh that picture is so cuteeee! I can't wait to see the rest.

  12. I'm a new follower! I can't wait to see the rest of the engagement photos!!

  13. love this picture! Can't wait to see the rest. So cute!


  14. That picture is so beautiful! I can't WAIT to see more!


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