Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday - Eye Candy (or cake!)

If anyone was trying to link up this morning and couldn't find the post, oopsies! I thought I scheduled it but apparently it didn't post! 
Life with Elizabeth

Happy Tuesday lovelies! I love wedding cakes. There's something about them that just fascinates me. They're always so pretty and detailed. I could spend hours watching Cake Boss. Lately, I've been perusing photos of gorgeous cakes to get inspiration for when the time comes for us to choose a design. Here's a little eye candy (or cake!) to share with you all.

All images via Pinterest unless otherwise noted.

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  1. I love wedding cakes, too. And I also like to eat them.

    Hope you are well. Leigh

  2. LOVE that first cake!
    And coming from a Red Sox fan born & raised... ICK to that last one!!! Haha

  3. Love that last cake. Go Yankees!

  4. I love number two! Because it looks like what I want, hehe :)


  5. My grooms cake seriously might be a bleedin' armadillo hahaha like steel magnolias. But seriously love these cakes- I just know I will have the hardest time deciding on a cake!

  6. How cute is that Yankees cake! You should check out my blog today and see the wedding cake that I posted, it was so pretty!


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