Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday - Wedding Hair (via Pinterest)

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Last week I finally hopped on the Pinterest train. I'd been trying to hold out because I'm busy enough as it is, but I finally caved. And boy am I glad I did! I've found so many fun things! I was obsessing over wedding hair on my day off yesterday.

I love a classic updo.

 I SO wish I had Carrie's hair (or hair stylist!)

But I'm also really loving half up half down styles. Its going to be so hot in August so that makes me want to wear my hair in an updo but its also getting so long I want to show it off. I wear my hair down most of the time so its in keeping with my personality. I'm also contemplating extensions. I used to wear them for pageants and while I don't get them to add length, they make my hair so much fuller! 
Again, Carrie Underwood's hair is amazing. This style might not be quite "classic" enough, though.

Love the poof!

Such pretty curls!

Really love this one! And her hair is about my length!

Love the poof with the twist. 

All images via Pinterest

What are your thoughts on wedding hair? I'm sure I will bring this topic up again sometime closer to the wedding as well. By the way, girls, Corey and I will be getting married exactly ten months from today! Yay!!!

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  1. I love either an updo or a poof with curls. My hair is naturally curly so I like to show it off with the poof and curls looks. I always get stressed with updos because I feel like it's never quite right! I think an updo can be beautiful though if you test it out with a stylist several times and make sure it is just the way you want it.

  2. I love the second to last half up half down! That is my favorite! Using Carrie for hairspiration is wonderful. She has some awesome pictures out there! (: I have seen a lot of Carrie ones that I really like.

  3. LOVE the last one!!!! I wish I was Carrie. period. She's just gorgeous! I'm growing my hair out right now and cannot wait to get into all types of different styles!


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