Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday girls!

with Carissa at lowercase letters

I feel pretty rested after this weekend - which is exactly what I needed after my week last week. (If you missed that story, click here.) I never made it to get my mani/pedi but I did get lots of rest. Corey and I are usually out really late on weekend nights but we made it to bed before midnight both Friday and Saturday.

We didn't end up making it to Gravy. We pushed our reservation to this Friday because Corey won a contest for Devils tickets at work on Friday and I really wanted to go. I used to ice skate competitively as a child but I've never been to a professional hockey game. It was so interesting - and kind of crazy that the referees let them fight with each other. 

We made it to the gym both Saturday and Sunday which was a huge stress reliever. I'm really loving our new gym and am excited for Yoga and Pilates this week! I also got my tire fixed and my new iPhone will be ready today. I cannot even express how much I love Apple right now! They really went above and beyond with customer service to get a new phone for me for less than my insurance deductible because of mine being stolen.

Corey and I went to Nordstrom after the Apple store yesterday and I laid my eyes on these babies.

Wouldn't they be the perfect wedding shoe? I love the bright pop of color and what a classic design they are. You may remember these from Carrie's wedding shoes in the Sex and the City movie. Her's were blue.
I always try to stay away from the Blahniks and salon shoe section of Nordstrom and my wallet appreciates this. I'm currently having dreams about the Hangisi and how phenomenal they would look with my wedding dress. Unfortunately, they are about $800 over the shoe budget for our wedding and our planner would probably kill me if I purchased them. A girl can dream though, right?


  1. oh yes...a girl can dream!! hahaha

  2. Love the wedding shoe idea! A girl can dream... I have pinned quite a few pairs of dream wedding shoes on Pinterest!

  3. Gorgeous shoes. You are so good to know that they were in Sex and the City movie. I lived off of Sex in the City in the 90's. I'm the same age as the characters. Well, they may be slightly older. :)

  4. GORGEOUS SHOES! Glad you had a well rested weekend :)

  5. I love those shoes!! I fell in love with them on Sex in The City!


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