Sunday, October 23, 2011


Lipstick, Lattes, and Lesson Plans, my new teaching blog. I'll be documenting all the fun and crazy happenings in my Kindergarten classroom without posting long posts on here that might be boring to those of you not interested in education. Please head over and check it out!

I did my own blog design, by the way, using MyMemories scrapbooking software which I won in Preppy Wife Preppy Life's giveaway! I'm super proud of it. I'm loving MyMemories and am making so many fun things. I think its time to update my Life with Elizabeth blog design too!

Happy Sunday lovelies! Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend.


  1. That is super exciting!! Congrats!!!

  2. Isn't the My Memories software great? I won it at Jill Made It. :) I'm having a blast with it.

  3. I'm impressed with that, Elizabeth. Cute name, and I can't wait to read it. Leigh

  4. awesome :) love the name! i just came across your blog and its super cute! If you're interested I'm giving a Starbucks Gift card on my blog! Check it out :) xo


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