Monday, October 24, 2011

Misc. Monday and Weekend Recap

with Carissa at lowercase letters

Corey and I finally made it to Gravy, the new Southern cuisine restaurant in midtown. We started with southern rolls and honey butter then had fried green tomatoes and those were delicious! Corey had cornflake crusted chicken with barbeque pinto beans and I had the scallops and honey grits. The grits were great. I haven't had any since we moved here and they were creamy and perfect. Yum!

We shared crispy macaroni and cheese. I've seen pictures of fried mac and cheese floating around Pinterest so I thought this stuff would be out of this world. It was definitely good but I think traditional casserole macaroni is still the best.

The southern food really hit the spot. I'm all settled in here in Hoboken and am starting to feel more "at home" but sometimes I also feel homesick. The grits and macaroni and southern rolls made my night. The restaurant was a little too fancy to really feel southern but overall I was impressed!

Saturday we had a long morning workout at the gym. Then we came home and I cleaned our apartment while Corey watched the Clemson game. Clemson is doing so well this year! We are really excited. Riley also watched the game with Corey.

Speaking of Riley, I have no idea what he should be for Halloween. I'm debating between a squirrel and a lobster but I guess he'll end up being whatever is left when we go to PetSmart on Tuesday evening. He might even end up being a pumpkin again like last year. I've been a slacker on pet costume shopping this year.
Riley was obviously not happy about the pumpkin hat.

Corey and I went to our absolute favorite pizzeria Saturday night. This place uses fresh mozzarella and fresh basil and the sauce is incredible. Afterwards we met up with another couple for drinks which was lots of fun.

We went into Manhattan and did a little shopping Sunday. It was mostly window shopping, making birthday and Christmas wish lists. We did finally pick out our Halloween costumes. Hoboken takes Halloween very seriously. Photos to come - Corey's is hilarious! I tried the legging, tunic, boot combo yesterday. It is very popular here and I wasn't quite sure about it until I found a tunic I loved at a local boutique. This was such a comfortable outfit! Please excuse my hair - I hadn't finished it yet! Yikes.
p.s. Those are the Michael Kors boots I've been mentioning forever on my WILW. They were an early birthday present from my wonderful parents - they wanted to make sure my feet didn't get cold!


  1. love your outfit!

    and your headboard! hA!

  2. love the boots! Sounds like you had a fun weekend, and glad you got to have a little taste of home! I think it's so admirable how well you are adjusting to your new life! And I vote Riley should wear a lobster costume-that is too cute!

  3. Gravy sounds like an amazing restaurant! Also, you outfit is so cute :)

  4. Yea, on the boots!

    Make sure you upload Riley to my FB page for the costume parade.

  5. You look so cute in that last pic! And I'm glad you got to enjoy some good southern the north.


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