Monday, October 31, 2011

Misc. Monday - Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween all!
Today we are having a Halloween party at school. The students are participating in a parade of costumes and then returning back to their classrooms to have parties. I am so excited to see my kiddos in their costumes. I'm dressing up as a black cat - completely unoriginal but my Halloween costume was not school appropriate.

I bought the cutest costume of a German beer girl this year. It really is precious and so cute on. Lots of bars in Manhattan and in Hoboken were hosting Halloween parties on Saturday. I have to admit - the costume stayed home. As cute as it was - there was no way in the world I was wearing any type of mini dress in the SNOW! Especially since there was over an hour's wait for all the cab companies so I knew we'd have to walk to go out. I guess I'll be a German beer girl next Halloween? Or maybe I'll do my bar hopping tonight? :)
Absolutely not work appropriate! 

Speaking of the snow - I survived my first New Jersey snowstorm. I must say - I am not a fan. I have already threatened to move out and go home and leave Corey alone in our apartment until late March or early April. Of course, I am joking but still - I do not like the snow!
Here's the snow during the first hour of the snowstorm! We ended up with about four or five inches.

Riley survived his steak and aluminum eating adventure. He had a little bit of a belly ache on Friday night and Saturday morning so I substituted rice and a boiled chicken breast for his next couple meals and he was back to normal by Saturday at lunch time. Lesson learned? Absolutely not. He attempted to eat the styrofoam packaging from a gift we received on Saturday.

That aforementioned gift was a precious Risenthel market tote from our wedding photographers. Seriously they are the sweetest. So perfect for living in an area where I walk so much - especially to run errands. The best part? It has my new monogram and this is the first time I've seen it! So exciting!

Someone hit my car in a parking lot on Friday. And they hit it pretty dang hard. Did they leave a note? Insurance information? Nope. Nada. I was pretty ticked off about this. As is my car, who I affectionately refer to as Jenny the Jetta. In South Carolina, I feel like this is almost unheard of. 


  1. So sorry about your car, I can't believe people actually do that... :(

  2. So sorry about your car, but also pretty normal for this area :-/ At least your tote is really cute! And you survived the snow. I am not a happy camper about the weather arriving so early this year...

  3. Who raised people that as adults they don't believe in personal responsibility?! I'm sorry, lady!

  4. Hey,

    You h ad a lot of great news. And the bad thing about snow in your area is that life goes least in NC, we can stay in and just cuddle up.

    That is a bummer about the car.

    Loved all your things today.


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