Monday, October 10, 2011

Misc. Monday!

Happy Monday lovelies!
with Carissa at lowercase letters

It is a very happy Monday for me because I am off work today! I have lots of errands to run and it is wonderful to have the time to get them done! And the weather is simply perfect. Sunny and seventy degrees.
One of my errands today is to open a local bank account. I have used a regional bank my entire life and I love my bank. They're so honest and reliable and easy to work with. They don't have all those stupid fees for everything that other banks have. I have my direct deposit from work deposited there still but I need an account with a national bank too (so I can deposit the checks collecting on top of our dresser and so I can use an ATM when I need cab fare without a penalty charge.) I was worried that I wouldn't be able to do this today since its Columbus day. I asked Corey if he thought the banks in the city would be open. His response: "Of course. Columbus was a crook and a murderer. NYC won't close for that." Now, I don't know that I completely agree with that statement, but I do hope the banks will be open.

My weekend was wonderful. Thursday night one of my girlfriends and I did a little boutique shopping(photos to come), then had a great workout, and ended with a sushi dinner. Corey doesn't like sushi so I embrace opportunities to go with friends who do!
Maru, our favorite Hoboken sushi restaurant

Corey and I met his family for dinner on Friday and spent some time catching up with him. His sister, Kate, is moving to Thailand for six months tomorrow so this was a low key time to catch up with her. On Saturday, we headed down to South Jersey for her going away party at a famous pizzeria. Then, Sunday we celebrated Corey's grandmother's 80th birthday in a private room at a delicious Italian restaurant. I've met most of his extended family but it was nice to meet the rest of them yesterday. I also had the best cappuccino ever (aside from the ones I had in Italy).

Corey has a birthday coming up this month. He's been eyeing a Tag Heuer watch. I have to admit, we both have very expensive taste. He's never been one to wear watches but he thinks he should be wearing one to work. I agree, I think it looks more professional. And I love a man with a nice watch!
This would have to be a combined birthday/Christmas gift. Maybe even Valentines Day, too. But I do love it! I've been wearing the same watch for almost six years! When I was a senior in high school I was working jewelry retail and almost died when Pulsar came out with their diamond collection watches. Featuring a pink mother of pearl face and tiny diamonds along the bezel, I had to have it! Its dainty and feminine and classic, which I prefer more to the large-faced trendy watches.
It was mine as a Christmas present in 2005 and it still runs perfectly and looks great. One day, I'd love to upgrade to a David Yurman. But at $2,000 that could be a while!


  1. Have a great day off, girl. I am so jealous! I am with a smaller bank, there are still multiple locations but it is nothing in relevance to Wells Fargo or Bank of America. I really enjoy it, they always go the extra mile for you - the only downside is definitely the ATM fee's. Enjoy the gorgeous weather!

  2. Enjoy your day off! I wish I was off, too. Yurman watches are absolutely gorgeous, but the price tag is a bit much...

  3. have a great day off!!! I also suffer from expensive taste and my theory is to INDULGE! we only live once right?!

  4. OMG! He needs that watch ;) I wish I could get M to wear a watch, but he's like Corey in that he's never really worn one. Hope you enjoyed your Monday off while all of us worked hard!


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