Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday - Recent Pinterest Loves

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I know all of you engaged ladies are just as addicted to Pinterest as I am. Actually, probably all of you ladies. Oh my goodness, I find inspiration everyday. And I downloaded the App for my iPhone just in case I have spare time with nothing to do (usually doesn't happen, but just in case!).

Lately, Pinterest has given me some fun wedding ideas. Such as:

Meet the Maids and Meet the Men display at the reception. So cute and what a wonderful way to honor your wedding party. I would use gold frames.

Childhood pictures of the bride and groom on the reception restroom doors. What a fun little touch!

The perfect groomsman thank-you kit. Love this!

Wedding Day timeline for out of town guests. I must have this because there's so much for our out of town guests to remember (when to meet the shuttle bus, etc.) and I think if its displayed in a cute format, people are more likely to actually read it and hang on to it!

Fingerprint guest book. I won't be doing this because its too casual for our formal wedding but I thought this was way to cute not to repin!

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  1. Love the ideas of putting pictures on the bathroom door for a special touch! I just pinned a groomsmen kit last night along with some other cute things...Pinterest is definitely helpful with the planning!

  2. My favorite is the bathroom door pictures! Those are too cute! I am addicted to Pinterest as well :)

  3. Cute cute ideas. Love the pictures on the bathroom door and the picture schedule.

  4. I love the bathroom idea and the groomsmen thank you kit, but I think that M would probably have a different kit! Hope you're having a good birthday week so far! Your card probably won't be out in the mail in time for it to get to you by Saturday, but I hope to try!

  5. I love the first idea! That is just the sweetest idea! Makes the wedding party feel like more than just "accessories" to the bride and groom! Bookmarking it!

  6. Those are cute ideas. I really like the Meet the Maids because as "people"...meaning like me..who age, and don't have friends getting married any longer, and I'm invited to a wedding then the ties to the bridesmaids, groomsman are more removed, and you do wonder who people are or the connection.

    I like the idea of gold frames, too.


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