Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday - Save the Dates!

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I have been procrastinating with getting our Save the Dates ordered as I've been focusing on the move and the new job and the new social life and whatnot. However, with only nine months until the wedding that leaves me with just a month to get the Save the Dates ordered, my final guest list sent to our planner, envelopes stuffed, sent off to our calligrapher, and in the mail to our guests. Corey and I have decided on a Save the Date postcard. Ok, so maybe Corey and I did not exactly decide on it. Cortenay, our wedding planner, and I decided on a postcard we loved but I showed Corey our top three choices and he loved my very first choice. We decided to go with a postcard because our wedding is "classic elegant" and we thought a magnet would be too trendy and modern, although I do appreciate their convenience. Also, not everyone will put the Save the Date on their refrigerator and postcards are a tad less expensive. This is the design we chose:

My second choice was this cute one with a vintage calendar, but all our favorite pictures are landscape.

We are 99% sure we're going to go with the photo below. We really liked it because it looks as if a private moment was captured in the photo with it being profile but Corey and I are both still recognizable to our friends and family. 

I really like this one too.

I'm obsessed with all of the canoe photos but I think Corey and I are 
too small for the size the photo will appear once its on a Save the Date. 

This is still my favorite engagement pic but I don't like 
how Corey's face is shielded for STD purposes

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  1. Your engagement pictures are gorgeous! I absolutely love all of the save-the-dates that you've chosen! So cute. Have a great Tuesday!

  2. Very cute! All great choices :)

  3. I love the choice you picked, and I also like the photos you're leaning towards! All great choices!

  4. I love the choice y'all made! I am engaged, but not getting married until June 2013 (once I graduate and get a teaching job!) I have been getting a lot of my friends STDs and they have all been magnets. I love that you did a postcard.. That is most likely what I will do because it does fit the classic/elegant theme a little better than a magnet does! And I love your engagements pictures! Very cute!

  5. I've seen cute ones on pinterest in the shape of your state with a heart where the city is- I want that one! Cannot wait to see what y'all choose! The pictures are just fabulous

  6. I love your choice! I am so sad I missed Bridal Talk Tuesday this week. Just so busy!



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