Thursday, November 3, 2011

Deck the Tree - Holiday Ornament Exchange!

I absolutely love Christmas! I have four boxes of decorations in Corey's parents garage. Along with my six foot tree, which I battled over in a day after Christmas sale at Target a couple years ago. The day after Thanksgiving Corey has to work but I am home from school. You won't find me battling the crowds to do any black Friday shopping. Riley and I will be cozy inside at home putting up all the Christmas decorations.

I don't believe in doing anything Christmas related before Thanksgiving as I think its important to celebrate just one Holiday at a time. (Imagine my shock when I saw Christmas decorations at Hobby Lobby in July!) However, I always love to get my decorations up as soon after Thanksgiving as possible so I can enjoy them for a full month.

Here are a few of my Christmas decorations from last year.
My mommy made this pretty wreath for the front door of my townhouse in SC
I switched out my placemats for these fun Christmas ones.

Holiday figurines on the bar area.

Even the handtowels were Christmas themed!

Living room decorations.

 Stockings for me, my roommate, and of course Riley!

Gold reindeer sparkling by the fireplace

And the infamous tree won in the Target sale battle - I absolutely was there first!

Its not a showcase tree and I didn't stay in a strict matchy-matchy theme with my ornaments. They're all different and they're all fun. Some of them are really special because they were gifts and some of them are special because they used to be on my family's tree at home. Christmas ornaments are probably some of my favorite decorations. I love how fun you can get with them!

I'd love to host a Holiday Ornament Exchange here on blogger and think it would be so much fun!  Everyone who wants to participate would pick out an ornament (something they think is pretty or unique or maybe representative of where they live) and send it to another blogger. Everyone would get a fun new ornament and make a new blog friend. Sound like something you'd like to be in on? Here are the details:

1. Sign up through the linky between now and November 15. I will randomly assign you another blogger from the linky to exchange ornaments with. You are responsible for obtaining each other's addresses. 
2. Ornaments can be purchased or homemade and should be under $10. 
3. I will notify you of who you will be sending your ornament to by November 21 so you will have a week to blog stalk them, get their address, pick out an ornament, etc.  
4. Each blogger who participates agrees to ship the ornament between November 28 and December 3 so they can be enjoyed before Christmas!

Link on up if you'd like to participate!


  1. this is an exciting swap! I love Christmas :) yay

  2. I'm like you. Love the idea. My kids will love receiving and giving out an ornament.

  3. I love your decorations! I am usually more of a snowman fan, but I am loving your gingerbread decor. xo

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