Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Randoms

with the lovely Carissa at lowercase letters

Happy Monday ladies! I am not excited for the 5 am alarm this morning or to be at work after four days off, but I am super excited that December begins this week and so will our month-long Holiday unit at work. I really love this time of year - at home and in the classroom.

We had a delicious Thanksgiving and it was a wonderful day with Corey's family. My parents back home had a really great Thanksgiving, too, and I'm excited that I'll be there with them for Christmas in less than a month. My mom will be here to visit me in less than two weeks for a girls' weekend and a return trip to Kleinfeld! So exciting.

On Thanksgiving night, I felt a little bit like this, when I refused to let Corey into the car to go home until he'd helped me drag all the Christmas decorations out of his parents' garage and load them into the car - including our six and a half foot tree.

I'll have to do a photo tour of our apartment - its fully decorated but for now, here's a photo of our tree. I fought a lady for this in Target's day after Christmas 75% off sale a couple years ago. I got there first and was waiting patiently for my mom to get a shopping cart, and this woman tried to steal my tree. When she tried to take it from me, I said, "Excuse me, I was here first. I'm waiting on my mom to get a cart." And she said, "Well, I have a cart now." Well, girls, I jumped on top of the tree and straddled the box, holding on to both handles. And, I have thoroughly enjoyed the tree. Here it is, making a return appearance this year.

Corey, Riley, and I walked eight miles yesterday. It wore me out. Riley and I took a good three hour nap yesterday afternoon after we got home. But I needed the exercise and it was such a beautiful day here, we thought we should take advantage of it. Pretty soon its going to be so cold that I won't want to go outside at all. 

I don't do black Friday shopping, however I had to venture out to make a return on Friday and stopped in Bath and Body Works really quickly. I bought the Spiced Apple Toddy candle and oh my word - it smells ah-mazing. Our entire apartment has a light smell like spiced apple cider. Perfect for the Holidays!

Happy Monday girls!


  1. love your tree!! so excited you were able to convince corey to get all of the decorations out!!

  2. So glad you had a great holiday. And I'm impressed that you have decorated already.

  3. Oh my goodness, I need to take an 8 mile walk after these few days and Thanksgiving! Your tree looks great, I love the ribbon!

  4. haha! I love the story about the tree.. I can totally picture you doing that! hah. And I love the tree and the candle! Christmas is so fun! I just love it.



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