Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wednesday Loves!

Happy Wednesday ladies! I'm loving so many things today! Linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love as per the usual.

I'm loving that I had yesterday off work but my work week still ends today! Its a crazy week at our school with only two school days. Yesterday, I got a haircut, went to the gym, got my car appraised, and spent much of my afternoon doing absolutely nothing. Tomorrow and Friday are jam packed too. I'm getting my first airbrush tan, a mani/pedi, and a massage. My plans also include cleaning our apartment, some hardcore workouts at the gym, and girls' night. Tough life this week, I must say.

I'm loving that the weather was pretty warm yesterday. I wore this cute outfit yesterday without a jacket all day long and then my lightweight Northface when Corey and I went to dinner so we could sit outside one last time this year.

I'm loving that it is almost my birthday. The countdown has begun and my wish list has gotten pretty long!

I'm loving that my dad won his election yesterday and will be serving a third term as mayor for my hometown. It was a pretty nasty election these past couple months with the other candidate stealing his signs out of people's yards in the middle of the night and slandering him but my dad stayed professional and classy throughout and it obviously paid off.

As always I'm loving this sweet dog
And this amazing man


  1. congrats to your Dad! I've gotten many airbrush tans before and they always look fabulous, you will love it! sounds like a lovely week:)

  2. A mani/pedi and a massage sound divine right now!

  3. WHEN IS YOUR BIRTHDAY?!?!? I need your address so I can mail you a card :)

  4. Fab outfit; I love it (of course)! And congrats to your Dad!

  5. So cute that Riley is sitting on the bed looking at you.

    Congrats to your dad.

  6. I have always wanted to get an airbrush tan...let us know how it looks/goes, ok?! Also, yay to your daddy; that's fabulous!


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