Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday - Recent Inspiration

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Happy Tuesday ladies!

I have to admit, Bridal Talk Tuesday will be abreviated today - I am sick as a dog! I've had seven of my students  (and my coteacher) out sick in the last week and I think it has finally caught up with me. I couldn't abandon BTT altogether though - so here is some recent inspiration. I'm always looking for new ideas to make our wedding special and unique.

Vanishing confetti for leaving the church - what an effortless cleanup!

Love this cute necklace for my flower girl, Mia.

I think this is such a cute wedding day gift for the groom. Something small that ensures he'll never forget his anniversary.

Personalized coat hangers for the bridesmaids and their dresses. I'd probably paint and gloss the whole thing so they were in our wedding colors. What a cute keepsake that they'll always use.

A photo guestbook has been on my must-have list from the start. A great way to have all your engagement pictures in one album but also a guestbook you'll actually want to open and look back at.

This cake is phenomenal. I was literally speechless when I saw it. Love at first sight. Its in my top three for cakes right now. 

Ladies - I have to share a fabulous giveaway going on at Coffee at Nordstrom right now - she is giving away a pair of Marley Lilly small monogrammed silver earrings. Head on over and check it out - you know we all love our ML around here! 


  1. Feel better! (I'm super sick too, so I feel your pain). And I love the flower girl idea!

  2. That cake is amazing! I wish I could join in on the BTT today, but finals are taking over my life. I promise to link up next Tuesday though!

  3. One of my friends recently had a FB status - "I don't know how I would plan my wedding without Pinterest" - so many great ideas!!


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