Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Confessions

TGIF ladies. I'm sure you are all in agreement. One of my favorite blogs, Leslie at A Blonde Ambition, is hosting her first-ever Friday confessional today. While I generally try to limit my link-ups to the beginning of the week, I do love a good confessions post. And I have a lot on my mind.

I confess...that I am beyond happy its Friday. This week flew by at work but I still feel worn out. I had a formal observation yesterday and my kids were a hot mess. If you read my teaching blog, Lipstick, Lattes, and Lesson Plans, you know this is pretty much the norm.

I confess...that my friend and I had a girls' night last night and we were both tired and worn out. Instead of getting dolled up and heading out to a trendy sushi restaurant as planned, we ordered in, watched Sex and the City reruns, and drank a bottle and a half of red wine. Then I gave myself a slightly drunken manicure. Which turned out remarkably well, I'd like to add.

I confess...that I ate a HUGE brownie yesterday, even though I've been trying to crack down on the pre-wedding diet. I have a student with a birthday in my class today, so I also confess that I'll most likely be eating a cupcake today.

I confess...that my closet is full but I still feel like I have nothing to wear. I do really love scarves and boots but overall, I feel uninspired by winter clothes. I've been trying to be inspired through Pinterest. But somehow, I feel so much less glamourous in my winter clothes.

I confess...that I've been turning on the Christmas tree lights and lighting our holiday scented candles every night when I get home form work and the gym. I love Christmas!

I confess...that I've been trying on my wedding shoes about once every week and walking around our apartment, prepping for the big day. I mean...I do want to make sure they're well broken in. But mostly, I've been doing this because I'm so excited I can hardly wait eight more months!

I confess...that Corey and I are off to a delicious dinner tonight and I will be enjoying a cocktail or two....or several glasses of Pinot Grigio. And that all talk of dieting is headed out the window until Sunday evening.


  1. I love that pink jacket in the picture! So cute and girly!!

    Umm and your girls night in sounds awesome! With as crazy busy as I have been with school and work... that would be the perfect girls night for me right now.

    Yay for Christmas! I am working from home today and have the Christmas tree lights on now. They make me happy :)

    Happy Friday!

  2. I feel like the Michelin Man in my winter gear. Lumpy and gross. Yet another reason for me to dislike cold weather!!

  3. Have a great weekend. Your wedding will be here before you know it.

  4. hey elizabeth!

    my closet is full, too but i have the hardest time finding something to wear! i love all of the outfits you have picked out.

    and that sounds like the best girls night ever.

    happy friday!

  5. I love your confessions. I need a good staying in girls night!! I've also really been struggling with trying to look cute this winter. I keep resorting back to jeans, boots, and a pullover, which I HATE. I hope you have a great weekend!


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