Friday, December 16, 2011

Thoughts for Friday

I am absolutely ecstatic that it is Friday today! I have been so worn out from being sick this week but didn't miss any work so I am completely worn out.

Corey and I have a fun weekend ahead. I really love New York this time of year. It was this weekend las year that I visited Corey here for the first time after he accepted his current job and relocated. It seemed like he was going to be living far away from each other for such along time. We've come so far!

I painted my nails Essie's Jag-U-Are last night. It's the perfect holiday red - with just the right amount of sparkle!

I'm a lover of Seche Vite topcoat. It's so sparkly and makes my manicure look professional every time. I picked up a new bottle yesterday and noticed a warring on the back of the box - "This product contains a chemical that is known to cause birth defects in California." I'd never noticed it before - but something to commit to memory for five or so years ;)

Corey and I are hosting Christmas for his family tonight. His sister is teaching in Thailand and they've decided to meet her in Amsterdam for the Holidays. We're making baled brie en croute for an appetizer, pork loin, rosemary roasted potatoes, and garlic roasted asparagus. His mom is bringing something delicious for dessert. I cleaned our apartment last night and it is spotless. And the fun place settings are ready!

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday!


  1. That's the best color! Have fun tonight!

  2. Enjoy your break, and get well soon.

  3. Love the nail color, it totally is the perfect Christmas red!

    And I never knew that about Seche Vite, kind of funny though that it's only known in California.

  4. Love your nail polish. Have fun tonight!!

  5. I love that nail color! Hope you're feeling better!

  6. Hope get to feeling better soon! Love the red nail polish! Perfect for the Holidays!

  7. Love it! I'm so glad it's Friday too! I'm going to paint my nails a sparkly red tonight while I wait for M to arrive :)

  8. I love love the placemat and napkin. Too cute! Have a good weekend! Sounds like you'll be busy!


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