Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bridal Talk Tuesday - Bridesmaids Dresses

Life with Elizabeth
Last Monday, my two lovely maids of honor met me in Charlotte and we had a full day of bridesmaids dress shopping. I wanted a strapless, long dress, with a sweetheart neckline so that it would fit well with my bridal gown. And I wanted the dress to come in the perfect shade of pink...
A pretty rose color, like my pair of Badgley Mischka's
And all of the pretty decorations I've been lusting over.

Before we headed out, I had these styles in mind.

After a long day of trying on so many dresses, including all five of the ones above, we finally decided on the perfect dress. I am so excited because it is exactly what I wanted in a bridesmaids dress. I love the cut, I love the color, and I love the fabric. And my girls love the dress! It has pockets, by the way, which I think is super fun.
Imagine this dress in floor length and in the prettiest shade of pink - called frosting. I seriously love it!

Some of our runners up were...

(From the 4th picture at the top...this was our second choice!)

The model for these pictures was one of my two Maids of Honor, Elizabeth. 
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  1. Love the dress choice Elizabeth! I initially wanted long dresses but changed my mind halfway through (wasn't the only thing I changed my mind on lol). Thankfully it was perfect though since our wedding day ended up being a warm day.

  2. I LOVE short bridesmaids dresses, they are so fun!

  3. those are all GORGEOUS dresses! you made a great pick :)

  4. I spy J. Majors!!! Cute final decision!

  5. Love the dress you decided on :) Happy New Year, Elizabeth!

  6. Going dress shopping with your friends is so fun. I remember that so well! :) Sounds like you have really pretty colors picked out. I bet it will be beautiful, esp for August!

  7. I wore that dress for a wedding last fall... I would have liked it floor length! I think that is a great choice. I loved that it had pockets too haha.

  8. love the dress you chose! It is going to be so gorgeous!


  9. Great choice! I am sure you girls had so much fun finding the perfect one! I will be posting about mine soon! Hopefully tomorrow!


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