Monday, January 30, 2012

Misc. Monday & Weekend Recap

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Happy Monday ladies! I have to say, I wish this past weekend had been longer. I am not ready to be back at work today!

Corey and I had a really relaxing night Friday night. We were both completely exhausted so we ordered pizza and had a bottle of wine and we both went to bed pretty early. This week at work really wore me out and I appreciated the extra rest.

On Saturday, the weather was beautiful so we took Riley on a long walk. At mile seven, I stopped to tie my shoe and when I looked up, this is what I saw.
Seriously, melts my heart.

Then, I spent the afternoon relaxing and cleaning the apartment. We headed into the city for dinner at Masak, a Singaporean restaurant in the East Village. It was delicious. I especially enjoyed the Quih Pie Tee appetizer. Yum! (And our bottle of sparkling wine, of course.)

I wore my favorite fall/winter top, a crocheted tunic from a local boutique with gold flats and accessories.  I used to wear high heels almost every day but I'm finding that I'm wearing the taps off way too quickly with all the walking everywhere.

We headed to Corkbuzz, a wine bar afterwards for a few glasses of wine. It had a super fun atmosphere.

Sunday, we ran errands all morning and I cleaned the refrigerator. I really hate that chore. I'd say its my least favorite - although laundry is a pretty close second.

I've been on a major health kick lately, seeing as how the wedding is only 194 days away. I weighed in at nine pounds lighter than my first weigh in with my personal trainer on Friday and that really inspired me. Only five more pounds and lots of toning to go.

I finally did my nails on Thursday night. I chose Essie's Fun in the Gondala. I have no idea what collection it is from. I've been neglecting my nails lately but I'm trying to get back on track. I've also been neglecting my spray tanning, but I'm getting one on Wednesday.

Can you believe its almost February? Holy cow, time is seriously flying by. That's giving me a little bit of wedding anxiety (getting everything done, etc.) but also I am so, so, so excited!!!

Have a great start to your week lovelies!


  1. awe how sweet are your two boys?! love seeing david and peyton is a sweet moment!

  2. love that essie color! so fun! Hope you have a great week!

    with love,

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  3. Sounds like a great weekend! I've never had Singaporean food, but it sounds delicious :)

  4. Everyone took walks this weekend! Seems like the weather was pretty a lot of places :) Love that top and nail polish!

  5. Love Friday nights were you just relax and catch up on sleep. Sounds amazing! Also, love love love your pink nail polish. It gets me excited for spring and bright colors.


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