Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bridal Talk Tuesday - Honeymoon Final Two

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Happy Bridal Talk Tuesday ladies! We have narrowed our honeymoon destinations down to a final two and are having a tough time making a final decision. It is time to book, though, and we have to make a decision and commit to it!

We have narrowed our choices to:

St. Lucia

The Sandals La Toc. I have several friends who have honeymooned with Sandals and they have all absolutely loved it. An adults only resort chain that caters only to couples, Sandals specializes in all-inclusive vacations filled with opportunities for romance, such as picnic dinners on a private island and couples massages.  The suites at La Toc are amazing - each one has a small plunge pool, a full bar, and all meals (21 restaurants to choose from) and drinks are included.  There are endless activities on the resort (including snorkeling and golfing) as well as tons to do nearby. I've been dying to travel to St. Lucia. What a fun island - brown sandy beaches, sapphire waters, the Pitons, and a rainforest!

The major con of visiting St. Lucia is that August is prime hurricane season and the "rainy" season for St. Lucia and much of the Caribbean. While it is unlikely we would experience significant rain storms (as they are still fairly rare even at that time of year), there is still a chance.

Maui, Hawaii

What better vacation could there be than Hawaii? There are endless activities and no need to hassle with customs. Crystal blue waters, white sandy beaches, luaus. Hiking, snorkeling, and so many other fun activities. We are still looking at a couple resorts but our favorite right now is the Ritz - Carlton Kapula Maui resort. It is beautiful and the ultimate in luxury. The honeymoon package includes a club level upgrade - so breakfast, cocktails, and snacks are included throughout the day.

The major drawback is that there aren't all-inclusive resorts in Hawaii like they are in the Caribbean so it could end up being a very expensive trip. Also, most resorts are not adults -only. I absolutely love children but I really don't want to share my honeymoon with any. They can ruin relaxation at a resort when they are screaming and splashing in the pool. The insanely lengthy (18 hour) plane ride is also a drawback. I don't think I'll mind so much on the way there because I'll be exhausted from the wedding but I know it will drive me nuts on the way home when I know I have tons to do waiting on me (changing my name, for example, and retrieving Riley from my parents.)

What are your thoughts on either destination? Considerations that you think we may have missed? Things to do or places to visit while we're there?


  1. I think Hawaii would be amazing, but I agree with all your points. I would head to the caribean for an adults only all-inclusive vacay. The last thing you'll be wanting is a long flight and children around lol

  2. I've travelled a lot in Europe but the only island I've ever been to was Bermuda! I would highly recommend it as the flight is only 2 hours, it's beautiful, safe, and great shopping! The drawback is that it's very expensive. I have to say, Hawaii sounds incredible but the long flight would be a drawback for me too!

  3. Hands down Hawaii. It's 'only' a 12 hour flight from Charlotte (we are going there for our honeymoon!). When else are you going to spend a ton of money on a trip so don't let that hold you back.

    Everyone goes to St. Lucia. Go somewhere different. :)

    Either way, I think you guys will have the best time!

  4. I am doing Hawaii so my vote is for that:) I will be there in June/July!! We are doing a cruise so we can see several of the islands for the best price. I think both of your options are great though!

  5. My husband and I went to St. Lucia for our honeymoon in 2009, end of July. It sprinkled some, but there were some gorgeous days. It is a jungle- so it may run anytime of year. We stayed at Anse Chastenet/Jade Mountain and we are still talking about when can we go back? I think that Sandals is further north of the island, but have also heard people looove it there. Lots to do, and amazing food! I am not sure where you live, but a main factor for us going there was flight time. We wanted to spend our money more towards being at the destination rather than flying. Something to think about!

  6. Something else that strayed me and my hubby from Hawaii was that when we have a family- Hawaii is a really great family vacation spot- so w are saving that for then! Also, about the rain- we spent most of our time in the room;-)

  7. I finally linked up again! It's amazing how crazy life gets when your not in school anymore.. so weird. I love Hawaii and that's where KP and I are thinking about going.. That or Tahiti or Bora Bora. We want somewhere out of the caribbean because we will be in hurricane season as well. And I want all inclusive and no kids as well!


  8. St. Lucia is a popular spot!! Both sound fabulous!!


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