Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bridal Talk Tuesday - Wedding Invitation Inspiration

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We are in a full on hunt for wedding invitations as it is getting down to the wire for choosing them. Let me begin by saying that I found the perfect invitation that I was absolutely in love with from the White Aisle, which is a fabulous design and printing company. Some of their lovely designs are featured below:

The talented designer that so many brides have raved about passed away just before Christmas. My heart goes out to her family and the White Aisle is closed until further notice.

So my search for a second perfect invitation began. I love this beauty by Bella Figura, but don't think I'm willing to fork out $3,000 for invitations and stationary.

Then, I happened upon Blush Paperie's website. They have some gorgeous floral designs as well as some very pretty classic, even vintage, designs. Some of my favorites are:

Some days I feel like I want a floral but others I feel like I want more of an elegant design that would be better in keeping with the theme of our wedding. This feels like such a tough decision. Blush Paperie has been awesome. They've gotten back to me regarding my questions at lightning speed and sent me a very thorough packet of samples that arrived today. They are even prettier in person than they appear online. Did I mention they do custom designs? 


  1. I am so glad there are so many bloggers planning weddings. I just got engaged and there is a lot to think about! xx

  2. Don't forget to check out weddingpaperdivas.com - that's where I got mine and they were totally affordable and easy!

  3. Picking invitations is so difficult! We finally settled with the company Nico and Lala! I am so excited!


  4. I seriously can't wait to see what you come up with! I think that you'll probably end up going with something more elegant, rather than flowers, but only because from what you've chosen in the past and what you're leaning towards with decorations, it seems like that. :) I know it'll be perfect no matter what you choose though!


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