Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Confessional

Happy Friday ladies! Its especially happy for me since I'm off work today. To celebrate that it is officially the weekend (although mine technically started with wine and pizza last night), I thought a little confessional might be in order.

I confess... that I have been counting down until this four day weekend for over a month - at least since after we returned to school following the Martin Luther King Jr. Day three day weekend. So excited for a few days off - and sleeping in.

I confess... that I'm so enjoying the pretty flowers Corey had delivered for me on Valentine's Day. Even though he is out of town, he wanted me to get something special on the actual day.

I confess... that I am super excited for a girls weekend. My cousin is in town visiting and we are going to do some sightseeing and get some bachelorette and bridal shower planning done. We also have plans to visit all my favorite restaurants - there's some pretty phenomenal restaurants in Hoboken and NYC.

I confess... that I am excited to try Skinnygirl White Cranberry Cosmo. Its been months since I've had some Skinnygirl as margaritas are a summer favorite of mine. My last experience with Skinnygirl (which we used to pregame a night out in NY) resulted in breaking a glass and a friend of mine falling on the bathroom floor. What can I say - Skinnygirl always brings a good time.

I confess... that I have a wish list of all kinds of pretty clothes and swimsuits for our honeymoon. The honeymoon we haven't even finalized yet and I'm already picking out what I will wear. Including a monogrammed derby hat, in case I need to protect my skin from the scorching island sun.

I confess... that it really bothers me that I haven't had free time to read March's issue of Cosmopolitan cover to cover yet. This magazine is my guilty pleasure and I love it. Hate that I haven't had time to read it!

I confess... that in an effort to bring a little southern-ness to my school, I've been convincing the other teachers to buy monogrammed Marley Lilly tumblers. Next stop - Lilly Pulitzer dresses.

I confess... that I'm still upset with the groundhog for seeing his shadow. Seriously, when will winter be over?!?!


  1. I drank skinnygirl last night as a matter of fact! Sangria. M bought me a bottle of the Cosmo though, so I'm excited to try that this weekend! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Love this. Have a great weekend. Love that you are bringing a little Southern up North.

  3. hahaah love that you have been trying to prep everyone! those flowers are lovely too.

  4. mmm! skinny girl cosmo? I am definitely going to have to look for this! And I love the ML monogrammed hat! It's one of my must-have's for summer!


  5. LOVE that you're Southern and preppifying your school!


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