Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lilly (Pulitzer) Love - Spring 2012

Happy Thursday ladies! Last spring, I posted about all the spring Lilly dresses that I absolutely loved. A huge portion of my paychecks during the spring months went straight to The Pink Bee, the Lilly Pulitzer boutique in Greenville, South Carolina. I thought I'd immediately have to rush into the city to pick up some new dresses once the Spring collection was released, but that actually didn't happen. I have to admit I'm a little disappointed this season. I guess that's good for my bank account?

I did find one dress I absolutely loved from the Resort collection and it is already hanging in my closet. Love this pretty dress in my wedding colors! It will be my rehearsal dinner dress.
Elias dress

While I'm not nearly as in love with Lilly's spring collection this year as I have been in past years, there are a few dresses that I think are gorgeous!
Allura Dress
This is my favorite dress from the spring collection. Love navy and pink together. And love the classic, clean cut. The back is gorgeous!

Adelson Shift in Multi Lillys State of Mind Patch
(love all the patches from the different states)
Whinnie Dress in Bright Navy Cherry Wine

Somerset Dress in True Navy
Love its simplicity and the idea of paring it with a bright bag.

What are your thoughts of this year's spring collection?


  1. LOVE the last 2 dresses! Especially the last one though because I think I could get away with wearing that to work :)

  2. Loving the 2nd lilly dress! Oh so cute!! I cannot wait for spring!!


  3. I love the Elias dress-several girls wore it during recruitment. I wasn't super enthusiastic about this season this year, only one or two dresses really caught my eye! There were some fun skirts and shorts though.

  4. I think she has a lot of cute pieces :)

  5. I am loving the spring LP dresses. "Lillys State of Mind Patch" is such a cool print! xx

  6. Your rehearsal dinner dress will be gorgeous on you, Elizabeth.

    I'm actually heading to your hotel reception spot in a few weeks for a night. I'm working with them on a feature. I'm so excited. First time away in a long time. So needed.

    I like the navy dress for me. Really classic.

  7. I was browsing the new collection last night, and actually really like it! No items really stood out to me at first, but when I looked more, I realized how wearable some of the dresses are.

    I'm going to be emailing you soon about how you made your cute blog button. I'm really needing to make one!


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