Thursday, February 9, 2012

This Spring - Be Bold!

One trend I am loving this spring are fun, colored skinny pants. I'm loving the bold look of adding a pair (or several) of colored pants to your wardrobe. There's something unexpected about colored pants - the trend reminds me of a pair of pastel pink dress pants I used to own and wear to work when I worked jewelry retail in high school. Gosh, I loved those. I'm definitely adding the new skinny version to my wardrobe this season. VS's version is already on the way! I'm finding that this cute style is absolutely everywhere this season and available in any color you could dream up.

Fun, colored skinny jeans and pants are showing up at all my favorite stores.

Victoria's Secret
I ordered these in light pink


J. Crew

Almost any color you can imagine is available somewhere this season. I love that! I love both bright colors and pastels and I love seeing a fun, colored item in an outfit. I can't wait for my pastel pink pair to arrive. What are your thoughts on the colored pant trend? Do you love the skinny look? 


  1. I have noticed spring fashion has a lot of color even neons!

  2. I'm in love with this trend!! I saw Lands' End ones that were a light pink color and I was dying to get them, but they didn't have them in my size! I love the bold colored ones.

  3. SO cute! I'm tempted to get some of those pants from Express - I love me some bright colors:)

  4. I am loving all the colored jeans for spring. I tried on green, pink and peach over the weekend and they made my thighs and butt look even bigger then they already are. I was not happy. xo

  5. I love this trend! Since I'm so short though I really don't know where to start looking, i always have trouble finding pants that fit!

  6. I love this trend too! So much so that I just invested in my first pair of blue pants for work.


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