Friday, February 3, 2012

Thoughts for Friday

Happy Friday girls! We made it through the week.

I have had the honeymoon on my mind nonstop the last couple days. I'm sure I'll post about that more in depth for BTT, but does anyone happen to know the statistics for hurricanes in the Caribbean for the month of August off hand?

Corey and a friend went to the Devils hockey game last night. As much as I love spending time with my fiance, I also enjoyed having the night to myself. No, I did not finish organizing the apartment or finish my laundry, but I did give myself a mani and watch Grey's.

I made the most delicious dinner Wednesday night. Pesto baked chicken with marinated tomatoes and mozzarella. We had sauteed mushrooms and steamed green beans also. The strict diet ends tomorrow so next time we will add some carbs!

I don't know that I've really discussed how strict Corey and I have been with our diet the past couple weeks. He's been in a weight-off with some friends at work and the reward is a couple hundred dollars. Corey has been taking it very seriously (during the week, weekends are always fair game in our household). He has lost almost fifteen pounds and I have lost nine since I started my pre-wedding diet and workout routine.

I'm heading to Sephora after work today. I've been wanting to try Makeup Forever HD foundation for what feels like forever. Does anyone use it?

My class celebrated our 100th day of school yesterday with lots of cute activities. Each child even had 100 snacks (they didn't eat all of them at once, many of them went home!). We were super disappointed that our Groundhog Day predictions were wrong. If there really are six more weeks of winter, I think I might move home.

Have a great weekend lovelies!


  1. Love your nail polish! Nice color!

  2. I love that color, too! It looks gorgeous on your nails and goes great with that beautiful ring.

  3. i love your polish colour! what colour is it?

  4. Love that nail polish! I'm currently using the Makeup Forever HD foundation, I'm kind of so-so about it. If you have normal-dry skin I think it would be fine, but I have normal-oily skin, and don't feel like it provides enough coverage.

  5. ohh nail polish is sooo cute!

  6. I think we are ring twins! Yours loooks exactly like mine!

  7. Congrats on the weight loss - that's awesome!

  8. Great color on your nails! Glad you got some girly time in for yourself :)

  9. wow congrats to you two-I can't control my eating habits haha! My mom uses that foundation and loves it! I love Chanel's foundation-it's fabulous!


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